Limited Varieties in Medical Cannabis Products

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"On top of this, however, some are limited by the lack of variety in medical cannabis products."
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommended two cannabis-based products, Epidyolex and Sativex, for reimbursement under the NHS in 2019 | Source: MARK THOMAS/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

Members of the medical cannabis community are limited by what products they can afford and what dispensaries can carry said products for them. On top of this, however, some are limited by the lack of variety in medical cannabis products.

It should be no surprise that certain strains of cannabis are better tailored for treating mental and physical ailments than others. Furthermore, each individual is unique in their exact response to cannabis period, let alone its different strains.

That being said, patients requiring medical cannabis have recently expressed the need for more variety in the products at their disposal. Not only would this ensure better medical results, but it would allow patients to see what works best for them – creating a new standard of the “perfect” treatment.

Certain types of products seem to be especially lacking variety, too. For example, some have expressed concern over the availability of seeds and clones. Supplying seeds and clones would allow patients to grow their own product – granting power back to the consumer, not the business. Other hard to find products include RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), a full spectrum concentrate that includes lesser known cannabinoids with particularly useful medicinal applications.

Within the existing variety of medical cannabis products, members of the community also express concern over lack of consistency. It can be an incredibly frustrating experience to find an ideal product and begin to use it regularly to relieve your symptoms – only to discover that it is out of stock weeks later. 

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