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Kunming Industrial Hemp Industry Association Founded, Turning over a New Page for Chinese Hemp Industry

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"On the morning of November 18, the first general meeting and establishment meeting of Kunming Industrial Hemp Industry Association is held in Kunming International Hemp Industrial Park."

Kunming Industrial Hemp Industry Association is jointly established by 15 enterprises. There are 65 member units, including 63 enterprise members and 2 individual members. In terms of enterprise types, there are 16 R & D enterprises or institutions, 4 planting enterprises, 32 extraction processing and production enterprises, 6 financial investment enterprises and 8 other enterprises. In terms of regional distribution, there are 1 American enterprise, 2 Shanghai enterprise, 2 Guangdong Province (Shenzhen City) enterprise, 2 Jilin Province enterprise, 1 Heilongjiang Province enterprise and 56 provincial enterprise.

In this general meeting, the members examine and approve the association's constitution and membership fee standards, and elect the first association managements at all levels by secret ballot. Among them, Hu Guang, the technical adviser from Yunnan Yinte Hemp Investment Co. LTD., is elected as the chairman of the association.

Facing new challenges and new requirements in the race of the world hemp industry, the association will insist on the responsibilities of service,self-discipline, standard, and improvement, safeguarding the legitimate interests of members and boosting healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

At present, the association has started two work with public welfare nature.

First, the association members jointly drafted the industrial standards for industrial hemp products, which passed the first expert review, and will be released on an optional date recently. In addition, other relevant standards are being drafted. The formulation of these standards will fundamentally change the passive situation that the concept of industrial cannabis is not widely recognized and there is no quality standard for industrial hemp products.

The second is the standard warehouse construction of hemp products. The combination between the logistics and law system, will help producers sell their products safely.

Kunming Industrial Hemp Industry Association looks forward to working hand in hand with domestic and foreign research institutes, expert teams and entrepreneurs to create a better future for the industrial hemp industry

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