Kunming, China, Issues Rules to Boost Industrial Hemp Industry

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"Recently, Kunming municipal government, Yunnan province, issues a policy to buttress the development of hemp industry."

Recently, Kunming municipal government, Yunnan province, issues 8 Rules for high-quality development of Industrial Hemp Industry in Kunming Province, aimed at helping the innovation and development of the industry specifically by 8 aspects: science and technology R&D, certified seed cultivation industry layout, technology and science innovation, visitor experience, evaluation system, market transaction, and organization.

Below are some details of the Rules.

Set up R&D Center

The Rules agrees to set up Kunming International Industrial Hemp R&D Center (R&D Institute), and provide a special fund to support the research and application on Kunming Industrial Hemp. It also buttresses the domestic or the international scientific research teams to do research on the field of industrial hemp

Found Experiencing Center

By tapping into the policy advantages of Kunming as a free trade zone in Yunnan province, Kunming will found the industrial hemp experiencing center combining online & offline communication, displaying & experiencing.

The Rules will support scientific research institutes and enterprises to develop hemp-infused body and hair commodities, edibles, health care products, and medicines. Moreover, it will provide policy conveniences for the companies to produce and export legal and certified hemp products.

Build Transaction Center

The Rules requires the government to build Kunming as a transaction center of hemp industry to positively exploit industrial hemp market.

The Rules finally set hemp gross output value goals for 3 time points: realizing $1.45 billion by 2022, $4.36 billion by 2025, and $14.5 billion by 2030.

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