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Juul Reportedly to Lay off 800 to 950 Employees

Jull | Buzzfeed News

Vaping company Juul Labs Inc. is considering to carry out a massive worker cut as part of its restructuring plan, the company’s spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal.

Around 800 to 950 employees, one third of Juul’s staff, will lose their jobs according to the layoff plan, said the spokesperson.

This is the second time that Juul has cut its workers in half a year. In October, it laid off around 650 people.

The worker cuts are not related to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the spokesperson.

At present, the company is tackling the falling electronic cigarette market share and more tough regulations imposed by the government.

Juul received public criticism after selling their popular mango, fruit, creme and cucumber flavored pods to teens. These goods now are unavailable to teens on the market.

President Donald Trump even threatened to ban flavored pods following reports that some people died from a vaping-related lung disease.

Juul’s sales have declined 10% over the past year, but they still lead the e-cigarette industry.

“As part of our ongoing reset, we are constantly evaluating our operations and the best way to position our company for the long term,” the spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal. “We remain focused on earning the trust of our stakeholders to advance the potential for harm reduction for adult smokers while combating underage use.”

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