Juul Affirms Support for New Tax Measure on E-Cigarettes

Juul Affirms Support for New Tax Measure on E-Cigarettes

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E-cigarette maker JUUL Labs has affirmed its support for Republic Act 11467, which raises taxes anew on e-cigarettes and alcoholic products, and vowed to take immediate steps to comply with the provisions of the new law ahead of the February 7, 2020 deadline. 

JUUL Labs said it exists to help the world’s 1 billion adult smokers transition away from combustible cigarettes, the leading cause of preventable death worldwide. The company added it aims to do this by listening to and working cooperatively with regulators, public health officials, and other stakeholders, to realize the historic opportunity to transition adult smokers to alternatives.

JUUL Labs is supportive of measures that ensure vaping products reach only the adult smokers for whom they are intended and are not used by non-nicotine users, especially those who are underage.

In accordance with RA 11467, JUUL Labs Philippines will no longer make Mango, Creme and Mint JUULpods available for purchase at any JUUL Labs-owned kiosks nor JUUL.ph web site, and will stop fulfilling retail orders for these flavors from its retail partners.

JUUL Labs and its partners will continue selling the Virginia Tobacco flavor to those verified as over the age of 21.

In addition, to comply with RA 11467’s new minimum purchase age guidance of 21 for vaping products, JUUL Labs Philippines will not sell its products to anyone under the age of 21. This action comprises the selling of products via JUUL.ph web site and JUUL-owned kiosks. 

Furthermore, the company will fully adhere to all the new tax stipulations that, as of  January 1, 2020, under RA 11467, manufacturers of nicotine-based vapor products will be required to pay an additional tax of P37 per milliliter, or a fraction thereof, of vape liquid. This will increase to P42 in 2021, P47 in 2022 and P52 in 2023. 

The rate of tax will then be raised to 5 percent every year beginning 2024. Currently, e-cigarette liquids are being taxed at P10 per 10-milliliter increments.

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