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Japan’s Modern Hemp History

Most people can find its clue in Japan’s shrines and temples such as “Ise Jingū”, “Sensoji Temple,” etc. In Japan’s Shinto religion, the word for cannabis means cleansing, and it was believed to have the power to purify energy. It was also respected as a symbol of the sun, the inspiration for the Japanese flag. To some degree, it is regarded as the voice and connection with the god of Shinto. Ninja, a kind of Japanese knight, crazes for it as it grew. It is even a training tool for them; they are trained to jump over it. Thus, they can jump incredibly high following its growing process, from a weed to a plant. Even some Japanese housewives regard it as a critical household condiment. What is it? It is hemp.

“Taima Torishimari Ho” or Cannabis Control Act 

Generally speaking, marijuana is a type of cannabis that can be used for medical or recreational purposes. Hemp is non-intoxicating cannabis grown for fiber, oil, and other purposes. They are all called “Taima”. “Taima Torishimari Ho” or Cannabis Control Act was passed at the behest of the U.S.-led occupation forces in 1948; Japan was the strictest country in the cannabis control.

Once owning a small amount of cannabis, people can get five years in prison. Growing it can have seven years. The law is severe and strict. However, we can see the fibers of cannabis twisted in Japanese daily, such as the cannabis rope at shrines and temples. Cannabis seeds are still used in “shichimi,” a popular chili condiment for everyday food. Birds can also enjoy the yummy. Of course, the seeds are sterile so that they can not sprout. Due to the “Taima Torishimari Ho,” most of the seeds used for favors and bird food are imported from China. Only some of them are made by licensed cannabis farmers in Tochigi Prefecture. And, of course, there are some demands for recreational use as well. Under the strict regulations and laws, about 2,000 people are arrested for possession or cultivation of cannabis every year in Japan, according to some data.

Cannabis Leaf丨420 Property


When it comes to Tochigishiro, the kind of cannabis cultivated by licensed farmers in Tochigi today is called “Tochigishiro,” which contains 0.2 percent THC. People will not get high if they smoke it. And as the new regulation of Japanese CBD, once it used for making CBD product, the THC will come to zero. In contrast,  the standard of THC level of industrial cannabis is below 0.3 percent in Europe. 

In conclusion, there are just a few arguments over Japan’s cannabis law that has been going on for a long time. Some people say it should be respected as a part of Japanese culture. Others advocate it should only be used in medical treatment.

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