Japan Adolescent Marijuana Users Increase Rapidly

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The Japanese Police Agency said on May 2 that in 2019, Japan captured a total of 4321 marijuana users, an increase of 743 over 2018. The Police Department warned that marijuana is steadily infiltrating into the youth group, and the number of young people smoking Marijuana is rapidly increasing.

According to statistics released by the Japanese Police Agency, of the 4321 marijuana users caught in 2019, 609 were 14 to 19 years old, an increase of 180 compared with the previous year; 1950 were 20 to 30 years old. An increase of 429 people of the prior year.

Analysis by the Japanese police believes that many young people think that marijuana is less dangerous than stimulants, so they are driven by curiosity and the surrounding environment. At the moment, young people must be adequately warned about the dangers of smoking marijuana, telling them that marijuana has a severe impact on people’s cognitive ability, and it will also increase the risk of mental illness.

The Japanese Police Agency announced that in 2019 Japan captured 13,364 drug addicts. Among them, the most used stimulants, a total of 8584 people.

Besides, the Japanese Police Agency also announced the number of drug seizures. In 2019, Japan seized a total of 2293.1 kilograms of stimulants, which was double that of 2018. It is worth mentioning that Japan also cracked a major synthetic drug case last year, seizing a total of 73,935 ecstasy pills.

This article is issued by Kyodo News.

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