Jamaica’s Cannabis Industry: Lower Barriers to Entry for Small Farmers

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Jamaica is preparing to lower the threshold for small farmers and self-sufficient farmers to enter the medical cannabis industry.

The proposed new license will cut these farmers’ fees and allow changes to strict infrastructure and security requirements.

The Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) is negotiating a draft policy called “Cultivator (Transitional) Special Licensing Policy,” which currently finalized.

The CLA said that the license aimed at small or self-sufficient farmers who believe that the current cannabis grower licensing system is too complicated or difficult to operate. Self-sufficient farmers usually grow crops for household use.

“This policy intends to provide this group of farmers with an additional avenue to enter the medical cannabis industry as well as an opportunity to transition from being the’holder of a special permit’ to the’holder of a license,'” the CLA said in a news release.

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The policy recommends that the license be valid for two years.

The CLA said at the time that it hoped that licensees could use their profits to prepare for the transition to a licensed state when the license expired.

CLA is holding a series of consultation meetings on the proposal.

Before the relevant regulations finalized, feedback will be used to improve the policy.

The agency proposes that all costs will be 50% lower than the current value of the first-level license. That will get an exclusive license of $1,000.

Level 1 planting permits limit canopy space to 1 acre or less.

The draft policy also suggests that if the reduced fee is too high, the applicant can apply for an exemption, extension, or payment plan.

CLA will use “means test” to ensure that the intended population uses individual licenses.

The first consultation was held on June 26 with members of the Jamaican Licensed Cannabis Association and plans to hold more meetings in the next few weeks.

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