Israeli Government Passed Two Cannabis-Related Bills Early Test

Israel’s Legislature passed two cannabis-related bills this week. One of the bill focus on decriminalization in the cannabis industry, and the second aims at the cannabis legalization for individuals at age 21 or older. This advance could be marked as a vital milestone for the legalization of cannabis in Israel.

The bills are now in committee and will possibly be returned to the Knesset for further debate once receive significant amendments.

These bills may be regarded as the foundation for legal adult-use in cannabis if it is confirmed as law in the end.

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According to the phone interview between Oren Lebovitch, editor of Israeli Cannabis Magazine and Marijuana Business Daily:

“This is the closest we’ve ever been to legalizing cannabis.”

However, Lebovitch said that although the bill promotes the adult-use commercialization of cannabis, legalization is a long process that may need times to achieve further advance, maybe in 2021 or longer.

IM Cannabis is one of the first Israeli-based medical cannabis companies. And Oren Shuster, the CEO of IM Cannabis, said:

“I expect the first phase to be the complete decriminalization of cannabis consumption, in which users will not be subjected to a criminal record or administrative fines.”

He continuously:

“This will be followed by broader all-encompassing legalization, but this is not something that will happen overnight.

“Full legalization is a much longer and more complex process with changes to public policy that impact various ministries and legislation.”

These cannabis-related bills are still at an early stage, Shuster expects to see a further advance, which may also motivate demand for medical cannabis.

Shuster believed and said:

“It is likely we will see more patients considering and accessing medical cannabis treatment, but this will be a long process that will take at least two years.”

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