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[Insight] The Tobacco Authority of Thailand prepares to produce cannabis cigarettes

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Ms. Ino, Director of the Tobacco Authority of Thailand (TOAT), said recently that the TOAT and cigarette factories are waiting for the approval from Ministry of health, and now ready to grow cannabis and produce cannabis cigarettes.

Ms. Ino said that if approved by the Ministry of Health, the TOAT will act as a manager and allow tobacco farmers to grow cannabis now, but we also need to know how to manage it, whether to grow cannabis alone or to mix tobacco. Let the farmers grow tobacco and cannabis it will help increase farmers’ income.

The production of cannabis cigarette entirely depends on the Ministry of Health. But perhaps in a way directly putting cannabis leaves into cigarettes. If approved, it should be the mixing of the cannabis extract CBD into the cigarette.

If the cannabis extract CBD can be added into cigarettes, it will add significant value of Thai tobacco products.

The Tobacco Authority of Thailand’s initiative is to grow cannabis for medical research, including selling cannabis leaves abroad to extract cannabis oil prior to cannabis cigarettes.

However, if the Ministry of Health approves the production of cannabis cigarettes, the TOAT can also step up its actions, but it is not convenient to disclose the details of how to produce it, as it is necessary to wait for further notice from the Ministry of Health.

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