How to Legally Purchase CBD Products in China?

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If you live in China, you can purchase as many cosmetics and health care products as you like, including serum, sunscreen, and face cream. But for CBD products or THC products, you need to be very cautious, because in China: cosmetics (excluding THC) made with CBD of cannabis extracts and products with a THC content of less than 0.3% are allowed to be sold. These products must be produced in China (ordering cannabis products overseas is prohibited by law).

The Chinese cannabis industry is developing rapidly, and companies are competing to occupy a piece of land in this industry. Two regions in China (Heilongjiang and Yunnan) have become leaders in the Chinese cannabis CBD market.

Although China currently has strict legal restrictions on cannabis CBD, it expected that CBD would become the focus of the Chinese cannabis industry, making room for more CBD products.

When Can I Buy CBD Products Online in China?

Millions of users in Western countries can buy CBD products, but they are still restricted in China (including a strict ban on imports). These situations are very frustrating, but please be patient and avoid temporarily ordering CBD products online.

The government may soon allow the import of CBD products; please do not take risks.

Important note: The import ban applies to all CBD products (including cosmetics). Importing any health or beauty products containing CBD will only cause trouble. Customs can seize your package upon arrival, so it is best not to order online before the regulations change.

The development of the Chinese CBD product market and the remodeling of laws seem to go hand in hand (pros and cons).

You may be able to buy more CBD products, but you may need to shop online from abroad (this is not a wrong choice), because it takes a while before entering the domestic market.

Even if you buy CBD products online (once they become legal goods), you will encounter various obstacles that are mainly technical and related to the law. For example, some brands may avoid shipping CBD to countries with strict rules, but please don’t worry. A mail forwarding service can solve this problem.

After sharing some tips on buying CBD products in China, we will clarify how mail forwarding works-these tips will help you understand why CBD is a high-quality product and how to find them in a crowded market.

Tips for Buying Quality CBD Products in China

Shopping is fun, but marketing can be deceiving (all of us spend money on something that does not meet the propaganda).

When buying CBD (especially in markets with strict rules and limited options), it is essential to distinguish between first-class and low-quality products.

Here, we will discuss how to audit CBD products before buying to ensure that you do not waste money.

  1. Buy Products From Reputable Brands

This practice has nothing to do with prestige, just a reminder, you should pay attention to your health and hard-earned money. Well-known brands rely on customer trust to build success, and they will not lose the risk of loyalty by selling low-quality or unsafe CBDs. They also attach great importance to their work and invest a lot of money in research projects aimed at improving their CBD products.

  1. Find Evidence for Third-Party Laboratory Testing

Responsible companies will only produce high-quality CBD products tested by third-party laboratories before placing them on the market. As the name implies, the external laboratory not affiliated with the company, so it should produce fair test results on product quality.

Before purchasing, please check the analysis certificate of the product. These are the test results reported by third-party laboratories on the CBD efficacy, cannabinoid profiles, and product contaminants.

  1. Only Purchase CBD Cosmetics With Hemp Leaf Extract

It expected that 2020 would be the year of legal changes and new CBD products for Chinese customers. However, the old law still applies to CBD in China, so you should not buy any CBD products that are not allowed.

Always look for topical CBD products made from hemp leaves, whose THC content does not exceed 0.3%.

If the product information of the product you want to view does not contain these three, it may be illegal.

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