How does the CBD become a rising star

How Dose the CBD Become A Rising Star?

" The World Health Organization's Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) has stated that the CBD does not cause drug abuse and is not harmful to human health. "

In most countries, when it comes to marijuana, people think it is classified as a controlled drug that cannot be touched. However, in the Natural Products Expo West held in California in March 2019, people have seen cannabis-infused nutritional supplements and foods such as juices, sparkling drinks, beer, coffee, capsules and tea bags, etc., and have a lot of new understanding of cannabis.

Products containing cannabis ingredients have sprung up, bringing innovation to the food industry. But what is the difference between this type of cannabis extract added to nutraceuticals and foods, and cannabis, which is generally classified as controlled drugs? What positive effect does it have, and why do manufacturers compete to adopt it?

Hundreds of chemical substances in cannabis, not all ingredients are harmful to humans. Generally, the marijuana you often hear is actually the collective name of “marijuana plants.” Cannabis contains more than 400 kinds of chemicals, and the higher content includes Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabidiol (CBD) and so on.

The most commonly used among cannabinoids is CBD and THC. Among them, THC is addictive to some extent, and it is the main hallucinogenic component of marijuana, which makes you feel very high and dizzy. The THC is the main reason why cannabis is regulated as a controlled drug in most countries, but the CBD is a component of cannabis that is contrary to the characteristics of THC. It has a lot of pharmacological activities and medical uses, and it has been gradually proven to be effective in a large number of clinical trials in recent years.

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What is the function of CBD
Illustration by Brianna Gilmartin, Verywell

What is the Function of CBD?

The World Health Organization’s Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) has stated that the CBD does not cause drug abuse and is not harmful to human health.

Therefore, with the rapid changes in food and biotechnology, many food, beverage, and health food manufacturers have sniffed this opportunity to extract and add to the product without the addictive and health-care CBD. These new products also include a variety of different flavors and forms.

More information about function of CBD:

“Physically, it’s like taking a warm bath, melting the tension away,” Gabe Kennedy, a founder of Plant People, a start-up in New York that sells CBD capsules and oils, tells The New York Times. “It is balancing; a leveling, smoothing sensation in the body mostly, and an evenness of attention in the mind.”

Supporters of the CBD said that it can treat a variety of diseases, such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, etc., while there are many clinical treatment cases, such as epilepsy, neuralgia, cancer, chemotherapy-induced vomiting. The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that it also has a high degree of interest in the possibility of cannabis and its derivatives.

Medical Use of CBD

Medical Use of CBD

A study led by the University of Queensland pointed out that CBD, one of the cannabis extracts, can effectively kill Gram-positive such as Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pneumonia.

In addition, CBD can also kill bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, such as Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci. The study was published simultaneously at the American Microbiology Annual Meeting (ASM).

Cannabis is composed of nearly 400 ingredients. Only cannabinol is FDA-Approved for epilepsy treatment, and related studies have also confirmed that it can alleviate mental problems. Studies have found that CBD can help patients with psychosis to reduce hallucinations, delusions and other psychiatric symptoms.

Research director Sagnik Bhattacharyya pointed out that the study found 33 patients with mild psychosis, 16 of whom took a single dose of CBD, and the remaining 17 took a similarly shaped placebo. By performing a brain tomography scan of them, it was found that abnormal brain activity was inhibited in patients taking a single dose of CBD.

Not only that, but there is still a lot of research evidence around the world that the CBD has endless medical potential, but most studies only provide a possibility for the CBD to become a medical use, and the exact medical use needs to wait for the publication of clinical trial data.

Dr. Mark Blaskovich, Ph.D., of the Institute of Molecular Biosciences at the University of Queensland, has teamed up with Botanix Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Ltd. to conduct research on cannabidiol for diseased plants of different strains. Blaskovich said that they found that CBD can destroy the biofilm layer of the strain, and the speed is very amazing. Gram-positive can be eliminated within 3 hours, and Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus can be killed in 6 to 8 hours.

To accelerate the progression of BTX 1801 (CBD medicine) for clinical trials, Botanix has been working with the University of Queensland Institute for Molecular Biosciences since last year. The formulation uses synthetic cannabinoids, which are not naturally extracted. At present, whether it is synthetic or naturally-made CBD, according to the current research results of Mark Blaskovich, cannabidiol can effectively destroy the biofilm layer of the strain.

According to the results of current clinical trials, cannabidiol is expected to become a new generation of antibiotics.

The Huge Market Value of CBD

The Huge Market Value of CBD

Currently, the CANNABIS-BOOM is spreading over the United States, with retailers competing to grab the booming CBD market. Stores like DSW, Neiman Marcus and Barney have recently started selling cannabinoid-infused beauty products.

The actions of these companies are a clear signal: the CBD is becoming the mainstream of the retail industry. According to estimates by the cannabis research firm Brightfield Group, the industry is expected to grow to $22 Billion over the next three years.

Although the CBD market is still in its infancy, the U.S market for cannabis-based CBD products last year only reached $619 Million, but only the current law’s attitude towards the CBD industry is enough for retailers to rush into the market. Brightfield analysts also said that as consumers become more aware of CBD products, the market value of the CBD will continue to grow in the coming years.

Both Neiman Marcus and DSW interviewed for sale in some of their stores, but did not disclose their CBD sales data. DSW said it sold 74% of its CBD products during its 10-week trial sale, exceeding the company’s expectations.

On the other hand, an annual report on the Legal Status of the Cannabis Market issued by the cannabis investment company Arcview Group and the data company BDS Analytics market research department rated the cannabis industry as the “Complete Cannabinoid Market” for the first time.

According to the report, the surge in CBD products, coupled with the fact that Canada began legal sales of marijuana in 2018, has helped drive the growth of the industry. This is the first full annual report assessing the cannabis industry by three developmental impacts: the FDA approves the CBD medicine Epidiolex, Canada’s open adult use, and legalization of sales, while the 2018 Farming Act also gives a better legal status of cannabis products.

According to the latest estimates released by Brightfield Group, the market for products containing CBD is expected to increase by 700% this year compared to 2018. General Manager Bethany Gomez also said: “The things change so fast, absolutely commemorative.”

CBD Market Size and Projections
CBD Market Size and Projections,
Credit: Brightfield Group

Brightfield analysts expect that by 2023, CBD sales will reach nearly $24 Billion. Most of the sales of $16.2 Billion are expected to come from chain retailers, followed by online and natural food stores with sales of $3 Billion and $1.3 Billion respectively.

Read and download the full report:

As the medical value of the CBD is gradually recognized, and retail giants and pharmaceutical companies are beginning to promote cannabis products, from cannabis, marijuana burgers, E-cigarettes, beauty products, beverages to dog food, cannabis-derived CBD is rapidly becoming an invaluable promising industry.

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