Hong Kong suspends E-cigarette ban

Last year, Hong Kong government proposed to ban the sale of alternative tobacco products such as E-cigarettes, heated tobacco and herbal tobacco. However, the initial regulation became a one-size-fits-all approach, causing controversy.

The participation committee of this bill has 35 people, and it is obviously controversial. However, 19 people from Pro-Beijing camp have joined the committee. Although some of them indicate opposition to the amendments, the number of government votes should be sufficient. However, today, with 10 votes in favour and 3 against, the proposal was moved by Chen Zhiquan to suspend the amendment and re-advise the provisional motion. Only one of the three votes was from the Pro-Beijing camp, and one member was a guild. Members therefore follow up on the government’s position.

At the time of voting, there were no members of the DAB, and the representative of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions and Member of Parliament, Mr. Guo Weiqiang, did not vote for the Chairman of the Bills Committee. It is inevitable that the associations were deliberately not escorting the Government.

 In addition, Huang Dingguang, a member of the Legislative Council of the DAB, denied that he had explained that he had tried to stay in the end. However, he said that although he was present, he would not object, because he was dissatisfied with the government across the board, and there is scientific evidence that E-cigarette is healthier than heated tobacco.

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