Hong Kong pushes on E-cigarette ban

Chen Yu began to mention in the blog that May 31st was the World No Tobacco Day determined by the World Health Organization. In 2019, the theme of “Tobacco and Lung Health” was to raise the public’s disadvantages of lung health. Recognize and advocate effective tobacco control policies.

Mrs. Chan said that the e-cigarette, the heat not burn tobacco products and traditional tobacco was becoming more and more popular in Hong Kong. The Food and Health Bureau introduced the “Smoking (Public Health) (Amendment) Bill 2019 into the Legislative Council in February. It is prohibited to import, manufacture, sell, distribute and promote alternative smoking products.

Chen Yu continued that the protection of public health is the primary consideration of the SAR government. When a new product has not yet established itself in the market, the implementation of a comprehensive ban is the most effective form of regulation, especially for predicting products, which will be marketed in a very positive way.

She believes that any regulatory scheme that fails to achieve a total ban will affect the effectiveness of tobacco control efforts. Lastly, she hopes that the Bill on bans on electronic cigarettes will be passed by the Legislative Council as soon as possible to further protect the health of the people of Hong Kong.

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