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HMI President Mr.Tan: Blaming THC for Recent Lung Disease is Illogical

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Paul Tan, President of HMI Group

The successive vape-related deaths occurred in the United States, stirring great public concern over the safety of vaping. According to CNN, the eighth vape-related death in the United States has occurred in Missouri where a 40-year-old man died from severe lung damage similar to previous cases. Previously, Vapebiz's report also mentioned that the recent vape-related death is still under investigation, but some studies have shown that the very possible reason should be the illegal THC e-liquid containing vitamin-E acetate purchased from the black market. Before the release of the official investigation result, answers remain uncertain.

Amid the chaos and confusion of vape-related deaths:

Paul Tan, president of HMI Group, shared his view on the recent vape related lung disease caused by illegal THC products: Technically, it is illogical to blame authorized e-cigarettes or THC for such tragedies.

For decades, there has never been any death records linked to recreational marijuana in Canada and the United States until the recent outbreak of vape-related lung disease. Therefore, the death caused by THC as the main component of marijuana is mostly illogical. The traditional method of THC consumption is always safe. But under certain circumstances, "vaping marijuana" can be dangerous. The possible reason may be that those illegal THC products (e-juice) were not undergone any proper compliance test to ensure its safety, resulting in solvent contamination, denaturation, etc., or some e-liquid ingredients used by manufacturers without pharmaceutical background. It is too early to conclude the whole thing. But this time, these vape-related deaths are caused by illegal and unauthorized THC products(e-juice). E-cigarettes as one of the atomization devices should not be blamed, but we need to pay attention to the healthy development of this industry. E-liquid manufacturers must strengthen relevant testing standards and risk assessment during the production and research.

Paul Tan, President of HMI Group

Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. (HMI Group) is currently an investment group in China that holds a series of industrial hemp processing licenses. Based on the industrial hemp industry chain and biopharmaceuticals HMI Group has made good progress in hemp and CBD research. For details, please see:

As an industrial expert, Mr.Tan expressed his concerns from a neutral and objective perspective. In this regard, I want to mention: This series of events is unfortunate, but also a bloody warning for the current chaotic market. Whether it is the industrial hemp industry or the vaping industry, a reasonable regulatory system is in desperate need to standardize both industries. In the U.S. The vaping industry is about to subject to the supervision of PMTA, but the industrial hemp industry, in addition to legalization, has not yet formed detailed regulations system, thus the black market of cannabis is flourishing. Only under the premise of standardizing supervision can the industry be more controllable and reasonable. Through the supervision and review to eliminate the black market small workshops and unqualified brands, so that excellent brands lead the industry development, this is the correct direction of a reasonable development of the industry, rather than banning the whole industry due to possible and controllable risks.

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