HMI Group: China's Industrial Cannabis Industry Unicorn

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Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. (HMI Group), a domestic cannabis industry chain investment company, including grows, extracts, develops, produces, and sells industrial cannabis-related products worldwide. Its products cover many fields such as biopharmaceuticals, daily necessities, textile fibers, composite materials, and biomass energy. Its subsidiaries have obvious advantages in the following aspects:

  • Seed resources
  • Biological extraction and separation of industrial cannabis;
  • Industrial application of industrial cannabis.

HMI Group, the only company in China that has the "Industrial Cannabis Cultivation License" and "Cannabis Flower Leaf Processing License" and complies with Chinese GMP.

Breeding and planting

Hanma Group invested and established Yunnan Suma Bio-tech Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Hanzheng Huoma Technology Co., Ltd, and obtained the "Industrial Cannabis Cultivation License" issued by the public security department.

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The company joined hands with the Institute of Hemp Research of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences and other scientific research units to set up medical cannabis and fiber cannabis breeding demonstration based in Yunnan and Heilongjiang Province, and advocated the construction of the "Chinese Cannabis Germplasm Gene Bank," collecting cannabis plants and Its close wild plant germplasm resources lay the foundation for cultivating cannabis varieties that meet China's industry management policies and industry standards and promote their business.

At present, "Huma No. 1" has obtained the Heilongjiang Provincial Crop Variety Registration Certificate, the cultivated area has exceeded 100,000 mu, and the high content of medical cannabidiol "Hanma No. 1" has entered the breeding stage.

CBD extraction

The company's Yunnan Hansu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. invested in Kunming to build the world's first large-scale industrial cannabis biological extraction and separation base that meets GMP standards, and obtained the "Industrial Cannabis Mosaic Leaf Processing License."

Hansu Bio uses alcohol-soluble fluid crystallization technology to extract and separate medically useful non-psychoactive component cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial cannabis flower leaves. The basement is currently the world's largest single cannabidiol and other cannabinoid extraction plant, which can extract and separate A variety of active ingredients without psychoactive content. It is also the only plant in the world that can industrially extract geranium-based flavone A from industrial hemp.

Hansu Bio focuses on expanding domestic and international markets. The extraction and separation basement has become the foundation for exploring and conquering intractable diseases such as cancer, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, depression, and epilepsy.

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Product development

The company established Hanyi Bio-tech Co., Ltd. Hanyi Biology, a biopharmaceutical enterprise that mainly engaged in cannabinoid-based drug research, drug development, and commercial operation.

Hanyi Biology has set up a cosmetics R&D and sales platform, food, and health products R&D and sales platform, and signed a joint venture agreement with BlueSky of Canada to establish a pet products company to develop and sell pet health products, snacks, hair care, and other products. The company's Jianma Biotechnology and the domestic e-cigarette company Lingxi launched an e-cigarette oil research and development cooperation.

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