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HempFusion Signs Pro Snowboarder Travis Rice as Brand Ambassador

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"HempFusion, a leading company in CBD industry, recently announced that it reached a partnership with Travis Rice, the legendary pro snowboarder."
HempFusion Signs Pro Snowboarder Travis Rice as Brand Ambassador

HempFusion, an America based, leading company in CBD industry, recently announced that they reached a partnership with Travis Rice, the action film star and legendary professional snowboarder, and Travis will be their brand ambassador.

HempFusion is a premium cannabinoid (CBD) company with a distribution network of more than 3,400 retailers in 47 states.

The company is committed to improving the therapeutic effects of industrial hemp extracts and strives to maintain the highest standards in the industry. HempFusion’s 25 full-spectrum CBD products come from a rigorous cGMP standard manufacturing facility that provides maximum efficacy and safety for CBD compounds.

The main focus of HempFusion is to develop targeted, high-quality products for specific consumers on multiple distribution platforms. The company’s CBD products are proprietary to Whole Food Hemp Complex and cover a nationwide chain of health food stores and Hempfusion’s e-commerce platform.

Travis is the most award-winning snowboarder ever and has won more than 23 gold medals in X-Games, Red Bull Supernatural, Icer Air, Quicksilver Natural Selection and more. Travis was also selected as the annual player in the “Skiers” magazine, and the National Geographic of the Year adventurer, and exposed in more than 20 snowboarding movies. In 2013, Travis was named the best contemporary skier in the world by Red Bull.

Hempfusion's Products
Hempfusion’s Products

Travis Rice said that HempFusion’s CBD products are effective and they have changed the lifestyle of athletes. “In recent years, HempFusion products have provided a lot of support for my training and lifestyle. When I use this product in-depth, I am very happy that the brand can become a part of supporting my life and let me have a healthy body to play in nature. This will be a great collaboration, so stay tuned.”

HempFusion also said that it is honored to cooperate with Mr. Rice and hopes to continue to provide him with a series of high-quality CBD products to help him perform better in competitions.

“We are very pleased to work with the legendary Travis Rice and support him through our quality CBD products.” HempFusion CEO Ian de Queiroz added, “Travis not only values integrity, but also diligently trains his physical, mental and psychological states which is in line with HempFusion’s value: a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We are proud of his role as an official brand ambassador. I look forward to his success in this winter!”

Vapebiz believes that this cooperation will strengthen the connection between the CBD industry and athletes. Since the relevant groups related to the NBA began to support the CBD, athletes have gradually learned about the curing effect of cannabinoids on sports injuries, and it does not look like Painkillers bring side effects. So, legendary people like Travis Rice will endorse the CBD, and the future will help more CBD products advance in the sports field.

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