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Hemp Legalization Adds Wages to the Industry’s Workers

Hemp farm operators | Mjbizmagazine

The legalization of hemp causes a hot hire surge, making farm operators hot spots.

The end of marijuana prohibition gives seismic changes in the labor market, providing jobs to people who never consider starting their business in the cannabis industry.

The boon of the cannabis industry even gives a booming in China’s hemp industry. As the 2018 farm bill made the corp legal, the owners of the farms and large landowners are rushing to find professional hemp workers. The workers with industrial hemp’s expertise got higher salaries than ever before.

Hemp Employee's Wage | Mjbizmagazine
Hemp Employee’s Wage | Mjbizmagazine

This chart is the first part of a weekly series from Hemp Industry Daily examining cannabis industry salaries, hiring and recruiting trends.

Using exclusive data compiled by  Hemp Industry Daily and published in this month’s Marijuana Business Magazine, we’re analysing the  new hiring and compensation trends.

Today, we look at how cannabis salaries have changed since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill.

One recruiter saw placements of:

Nevada employees can get $140,000-$160,000 per year for farm directors .Florida employees can $110,000-$130,000 per year for cultivation directors. California employees can $95,000-$105,000 for field managers.

Salaries were driven even higher, because of the tightness of experienced managers in the job market.

Free Housing for the Industrial Hemp Workers

Cannabis entrepreneurs wanted to take direct advantage of legalization launched hemp cultivation in 2019. Cannabis-industry recruiters saw an incredibly tight situation for farm managers with expertise overseeing large outdoor farms of any crop.

To recruit enough workers, the owners of the farm and large landlord even provide free housing. Because the hemp farms are always in remote areas. There are not many places to find accommodation.

However, there are many farmhouses and cottages on the land. And they make housing as part of the workers’ salaries so that the farm workers can live there once the workers are employed.  

The Volatility of the Whole Industrial cannabis Market

The farm bill legalizes cannabis and booms the whole hemp industry chain now. However, it is turbulent and volatile .

Capital influxes in the industry, no matter cannabis growing or CBD  producing, which means one thing: prices are falling. Not everyone who enters the industry can share the cake. The results are predictable; Many employees will lose their current jobs in the end.

In summary, the legalization of industrial cannabis prospers global agriculture. Creating more jobs and offering more wages to the cannabis industry’s workers. However, every pill has a side effect.

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