Hemp Beer Booming: Coca-Cola Is on Track

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"Beers lead to many social and cultural activities such as beer festivals and beer organizations, and they have now played an indispensable role in people’s life."

Almost everyone is familiar with beers, for they very cater for  kinds of parties and diners, with low alcohol and refreshing taste. No beers, no summer, so beers especially fit summer. Meanwhile, beers lead to many social and cultural activities such as beer festivals and beer organizations, and they have now played an indispensable role in people’s life.

Beer Categories

The world's beers are diverse, and they can be classified into three categories: Ale, Lager and the blend which combines techniques of Ale and Lager. The former 2 kinds are the majority.

  • As for Ale, this kind of beers are distinguished for the fruity flavour, rich and intense tastes. Many craft beers belong to this kind.
  • For Lager, with light and fresh flavour, it gives more prominence to the smell of malt in the beers.
  • The styles of the blend are relatively hard to define, but the blend tends to take on extra tastes by mixing up with some vegetables and fruits.

Nowadays, the majority of beers and wines are brewed by no more than fruits and grains. However, you can never figure out how imaginative the human beings are. Just as the fact that people can eat the rare food, some unusual materials are applied to brewing. Later the writer will briefly introduce you some bizarre beers around the world.

Varieties of beers - sohu

Bizarre Beers around the World

Mamma Mia Pizza Beer

Mamma Mia! and Chef Tom are two entrepreneurs that took their hobby and converted it to a unique craft beer and food business. They invented "culinary beer" with the world's first ever Pizza Beer, a beer brewed with basil, oregano, tomato and garlic. One thing led to another and soon the couple was making high quality gourmet food blends that suggest the use of beer as an ingredient. 

Mamma mia pizza beer - Sohu

Scorpion vodka

Scorpion vodka and whiskey liquor is an alcoholic beverage produced by infusing real edible scorpions in rice wine or grain alcohol. According to historic records scorpion vodka was first consumed in China during the Western Zhou dynasty and was believed to reinvigorate a person according to Traditional Chinese medicine.

Scorpion vodka - Sohu

Smoked Salmon flavoured vodka

It sounds a little fishy, I know, but  manages to pull it off for fish lovers. To make this spirit, Alaska Distillery starts with its vodka, which is triple distilled with glacier water, and then infuses it with smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon. The results are a salmon-colored vodka with, well, a smoky fish flavor.

Smoked Salmon flavoured vodka - Sohu

Cannabis Beers

Can cannabis be brewed in beers? Apparently, it can! And, spoiler alert? cannabis beer is gooood.

In fact, world brewing companies have spent years developing a beer that brings all of the benefits of cannabis to the table while still maintaining that hops and barley taste we love. Since the writer is in China now, let’s make a comparison between Chinese hemp beers and those from other countries.

Chinese Hemp Beers


As the first beer brewed with hemp in China, the liquid color of the beer takes on bright yellow, and the fermentation smell of hops and malts is different from common beers.

Hemper - Sohu


Strong malt concentration in this kind of beer will make you sense its pure and refreshing tastes for the first drink. Together with litter bitter, the gentle flower fragrance is really comforting.

Papyrus - Sohu


In Hong Kong, there is also a type of hemp beer named "OH CBD Beer ". with alcohol strength 3.5% and every bottle of 20mg CBD infused, the beer is sold in 110 Hong Kong Dollar. It was snapped up the first time in market, and according to feedback form consumers, they hardly felt waste after drinking the beer.

Oh-cbd - Sohu

Hemp King

As one of the most famous hemp beer brands in China, its beers contain cannabis sativa. In the production process, natural juice and aged pure brandy are tapped into ans the juice content is nearly 100%.

Hemp King - Sohu

Hemp Beers out of China

Two Flowers IPA by Coalition Brewing

Two Flowers IPA is exactly what it sounds like. It’s made from two plants: hemp and hops. Rather than simply masking the taste of the CBD extract, this brewery embraces hemp's flavors by adding hemp juice to augment the bitterness of the hops.

Two Flowers IPA by Coalition Brewing - Sohu

High Flyer Session IPA by Green Times Brewing

Green Times Brewing’s High Flyer Session IPA is another CBD beer that is attracting a lot of attention from the press–and for good reason. It’s made from organic ingredients and is mixed with full-spectrum CBD. The high concentration of CBD combined with the delicious, refreshing citrus aftertaste makes High Flyer Session a great choice for any beer lover in the United Kingdom that is interested in trying one of the best CBD beer options for 2020.

High Flyer Session IPA by Green Times Brewing - Sohu

Easy Times IPA by Hop and Hemp Brewery

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best CBD beer options for 2020 is Hop and Hemp Brewery’s Easy Times IPA, which brings together a variety of light flavors–such as lemon and biscuit–into a non-alcoholic IPA. Despite the fact that it has a high CBD concentration of 8mg of CBD per bottle, there is little to no hemp taste with this CBD beer. If you’re in the United Kingdom and you’re looking for a flavorful but non-alcoholic CBD beer, this is the right pick for you. 

Easy Times IPA by Hop and Hemp Brewery - Sohu


By 2023, the CBD beverage market in the US is anticipated by some researchers to reach to 1.4 billion dollar. Currently, to keep track of the trend, the giant in beverage Coca-cola has also attempt to launch the CBD-infused products. It won’t take long for the boom of hemp application in China.

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