A Healthier Lifestyle? CBD-Infused Water Booms in the U.S

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"With the increasing CBD popularity in Europe and America, a new beverage called “CBD-infused Water” has become popular among CBD Consumers."
Healthier Lifestyle? CBD-Infused Water Booms in the U.S

With the increasing CBD popularity in Europe and America, manufacturers have been launching their own CBD products one after the other. Among these products, in addition to common skin care products, beauty products, foods, health care products, and e-cigarettes, a new beverage called “CBD-infused Water” has become popular among CBD Consumers.

Over-Exaggerating CBD-Infused Water

Therefore, although the direct use of CBD oil is much more effective than CBD Water, the popularity of CBD-infused water is explainable. CBD-infused water has been designed by the beverage company to be a soda-like product. Through smart marketing strategy and promotion, this CBD-infused soda is now ubiquitous in the market.

For fans of Spindrift, Polar or LaCroix, this CBD-infused soda is new to them, and the beverage company has really won numerous fans of traditional soda via Instagram marketing and word of mouth advertising.

In fact, CBD-infused beverages are on the rise. The market is now teeming with identical products ranging from beer, coffee to juice, etc. However, for the soaring bubble water market, it is not difficult to change it. Adding CBD to flavored soda water is relatively easy compared to develop CBD coffee and CBD beer, so CBD Water becomes the priority of R&D in many beverage companies.

Recently, Alkaline88, an alkaline water company favored by Beyonce and Mark Wahlberg, announced the acquisition of AQUA hydrate, a bottled water producer in Los Angeles in a transformative deal, under which, Alkaline will acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of common stock and preferred stock of AQUAhydrate in an all-stock transaction.

The two companies will work together to launch a series of CBD-infused products to serve the booming CBD market. Gradually, Alkaline 88 is committed to the development of CBD-infused soda water. The future plan is to create differentiated brands for different groups of people. The Alkaline 88 series will be family-oriented while AQUA hydrate will target individual consumers and athletes.

It seems that CBD-infused Water is getting more attention, and it has emerged in retail supermarkets across the United States while selling out on the Internet. Even the largest beverage distributor in the United States is also watching closely on the CBD-infused soda water market, although its effectiveness is not so significant


Actual Effect of CBD-Infused Water Remains Uncertain

As mentioned earlier, the effect of CBD-infused water is not significant, because there is only a trace amount of CBD in the water. The CBD content varies from brands and products, but most offer around 2 to 5 mg.

Although the recommended CBD does vary from individuals, most studies suggest at least 15 mg per day to realize the effect advertised. This is the main problem that all CBD-infused water products need to overcome at present.

However, many companies claim that they use nanotechnology to break down particles to enhance the bioavailability of CBD, thus justifying the low CBD contents of their products. The problem is that the nanotechnology research on bioavailability and effect of CBD is quite limited. And past studies have confirmed that lipid-based CBD nanoparticles may be better absorbed by the human body. And we know that CBD is a fat-soluble substance, and the current water-soluble CBD research, as far as we know, is only involved in the Sorrento Therapeutics worldwide. Therefore, it is not yet certain whether adding CBD into the water can really work on the human body.

What’s worth noticing is that exposure of the CBD to light and air can cause it to decompose, thus offsetting its potential benefits. But most of the CBD water is sold under bright light and stored in transparent containers on the shelves for a few days, even weeks, which greatly reduces the amount of CBD in the water.

A study called “The Stability of Cannabis and Its Preparations on Storage.” evaluated the effects of certain storage conditions on the CBD and found that exposure to light caused a large loss of CBD. Once you open CBD-infused water, the CBD in it will begin to break down immediately. So scientists believe that these findings suggest that CBD water is unlikely to contribute significant medical value.

Just because the effect of CBD-infused water has not been confirmed making it an expensive way to effectively experience the CBD.

According to Healthline, a bottle of 16 pounds (about 500 milliliters) of CBD-infused water is priced about $4 to $7 excluding taxes and shipping costs. Even if you buy in bulk, each bottle still costs at least $3.


CBD Water Costs More Than Other CBD Products

For example, CBD essential oils typically cost between $35 and $40 per 30 milliliters, which is equivalent to less than $2 per milliliter, but the effect is much greater than CBD-infused water. CBD capsules, soft candy, e-cigarettes, and creams can also provide a large amount of CBD, at lower unit costs. Although the CBD can provide a variety of medical value, it’s the effect is limited in water. Moreover, it is more expensive than most CBD products and the effect may be less ideal.

This is why scientists say that CBD-infused Water is currently an over-exaggerating product, and recommend that consumers insist on using other CBD products to take advantage of their medicinal properties.

All in all, people are always curious about new things, from the previous capsule coffee, flavored-soda, to current CBD-infused beverages, Vapebiz believes that products with real medical value can always achieve its commercial success via proper advertisement accurately targeting consumer offsets.

Do you remember the vitamin water that is popular all over the world?

Just as everyone knows that vitamin C tablets and capsules are more effective than vitamin water, the sales of vitamin water in the retail channel have continued to grow. Of course, this is not entirely caused by commercial advertisement. It may be caused by a consumer mindset–“Since I drink water every day, drink more healthy water!”

Finally, if you want to effectively experience CBD, Vapebiz recommends bottled CBD oil, capsules, soft candy, and electronic atomization devices. After all, these products have sufficient scientific verification to provide users with more effective CBD intake. However, if you want to experience CBD through CBD-Infused Water, Vapebiz also supports. But we hold a view that it is just a more extravagant way to intake water, nothing more. What do you say?

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