What Exactly May Be Putting Teens and Young Adults Who Vape More at Risk?

Guam Delay Rollout of Adult Cannabis Regulations Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, the Guam state government declared a public health emergency and will suspend non-essential government work from May. This move may lead to the delay in the introduction of the state ’s provisions on adult-use cannabis.

marijuana sativa plant

Last year, Guam Governor Leon Guerrero promulgated the Guam Cannabis Industry Act, which stipulates that the use of cannabis by adults aged 21 and over is legal. In addition, the Cannabis Control Board, which is responsible for establishing the Guam Cannabis Industry Act, will establish a regulatory framework within one year to monitor the legal conduct of the cannabis industry.

According to reports, as of the first quarter of 2020, the Cannabis Control Board has not issued any regulations. Since the Guam government issued a ban on public health emergencies, the Cannabis Control Board has ceased operation.

In addition, many areas are facing the same situation as Guam. For example, Maine, last week announced that due to public safety and health issues, it will postpone the introduction of the adult cannabis legal bill indefinitely. In Mexico, state legislators asked Parliament to draft a bill on the legalization of medical cannabis, adult cannabis and industrial cannabis by May.


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