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Great Reversal of Flavored E-Liquid Hearing in L.A. Heralding the Promising Future of Global Vaping Industry

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Great Reversal of Flavored E-Liquid Hearing in L.A. Heralding the Promising Future of Global Vaping Industry

In the morning of September 24, numerous E-cigarette brands representatives, led by 30 employees of SNOWWOLF, a subsidiary to SIGELEI owned by the chairman of The Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee, China Electronics Chamber of Commerce participated the hearing. They strongly expressed “Banning of flavored e-liquid is unreasonable, the right of choice shall be given to customers”. American media call this hearing a “defiance”.

Through their effort, the 90-day grace period was forced to extended to 180 days, maybe 210 days further.

It is reported that, during the hearing SIGELEI’s representatives, market business representatives, e-cigarette fans and public figures expressed their opinions so that the grace period for Flavored e-liquid ban was extended from 90 days to 180 days. During this period, the government will not restrict the free trade of e-cigarette products in L.A. According to another reliable source, coupled with the fallout of this hearing and the pending investigation result of “Vape related death”,  the government of Los Angeles may further extend the grace period to 210 days.

The result of the hearing is that over 90% of regions in Los Angeles can continue to sell e-cigarettes.

Before the L.A. hearing, the original decision was to ban all flavored e-cigarette products in the whole L.A. After the hearing, only in “unincorporated area” where e-cigarette will be banned, while in “Incorporated area”, the city council will decide whether to ban E-cigarette or not. It is reported that the population in the ban area only accounts for about 10% of the total population in L.A.

The incorporated area of L.A. is the urban area, and the population there accounts for over 90% of the total population in L.A, indicating that the “Ban” will only apply to the rural area where accounts for 10% population. This result actually makes a great concession to the e-cigarette ban. Maybe the biggest impact is that the e-cigarette users and dealers in the unincorporated area need to go to urban areas for transactions.

“Good tiding”  from the L.A. hearing, will change the global e-cigarette industry?

“90% of L.A. cancels the restriction”, “180-day grace period”, “30-day deferred implementation”. American e-cigarette participant thinks that for the e-cigarette industry, the hearing is a great triumph rather than defeat. Although the American government made the corresponding decision under pressure, after pondering rationales behind this policy, it found that this “flavored ban hearing in L.A.” has greatly boosted the confidence of e-cigarette brands fighting against such ban.

According to an informant, the result of the hearing in L.A. is a “good tiding”, which only transfers the e-cigarette users in L.A. transfer to the unrestricted area. Moreover, it is like a beacon to guide the global e-cigarette industry.

“America represents the biggest e-cigarette market, California represents the American e-cigarette market, among which L.A. is the biggest”. Thus, Los Angeles has a pivotal position in the global e-cigarette market, and its political, economic, and cultural influences are among the best in the United States. For this triumphant hearing, other states may follow L.A. to fight against the e-cigarette ban. The United States, as the battlefield of e-cigarettes, is the world’s largest economy, and its attitude towards e-cigarettes will largely affect other countries on the issue. Correct interpretation of Los Angeles hearing will contribute to the ultimate victory for the global e-cigarette industry.

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