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GIK CBD Mask Japan

Cannabis Mask Japan | Taobao

GIK CBD Mask, one of the hottest recommended facial masks in Japan. GIK is a Japanese brand, but the mask made in Korea.

the Function of the Mask

It can increase skin elasticity, prevent aging, whiten skin, improve skin tension. The interior is full of essence, transparent texture, bright and absorbed, refreshing, and not sticky. It contains no pigments, hormones, flavors, mineral oils, preservatives, etc.

The cannabis Sativa seed oil can refresh each pore of the face, clear the facial acne, and remove spots. Besides, the Jania Decussato-Dichotoma Yendo extraction will tighten, and brighten skin. In addition, Centella asiatica extraction can repair, and moisturize the skin. Cu-GHK’s function is Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-sun block, helping skin renewal.

The mask cloth is also extraordinary. The exclusive fiber material feels like an egg film, extracted from banana. Which makes more essence adhere to the mask cloth and let people feel more comfortable when used. The Curacao Aloe water will moisturize the facial skin.

After the application, the skin will be full of nutrients, and the keratin will become soft. The skin will be in a fabulous state. And the hydration will last for a long time. 


 Apply two times per day for intensive moisture treatment acne marks, dilute acne spots,

Product specification

·$24(RMB:139)/ 10packs


The stories behind GIK CBD Mask

Yoshiko co., LTD., a Japan-south Korea cooperative company launched in 2018, is an innovative technology company dedicated to medical cosmetology. The company combines Japanese high-quality raw materials and Korean advanced technology to provide competitive products in the skincare industry. 


·89% Curacao Aloe water


·Jania Decussato-Dichotoma Yendo extraction

·Centella asiatica extraction


·Attention it contains no water,it is purely natural extraction.

Cannabis Mask Ingredients | Taobao


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