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China’s Industrial Cannabis Industry Enters Domestic Consumer Goods Market: Conba Launches CBD Eye Treatment Mask

Conba, a pharmaceutical company, is targeting the skincare market. The industrial cannabis industry of Conba has been commercialized in China’s consumer goods market: the cannabis eye treatment mask, launched by its well-known eye protection brand “Zhenshiming”, will soon be available.

Recently, some Taobao customers, who are keen on trying out new products sold in Taobao, have found that the Jiangxi Zhenshiming Pharmaceutical  Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Zhenshiming pharmaceutical industry”) sets up a new product in its Zhenshiming flagship store on the Tmall.This new gel eye mask containing CBD and peony functions on regulating skin oil and water balance, which will be available on October 1st.

Tianyancha, an enterprise credit information inquiry platform shows that the Zhenshiming Pharmaceutical Industry, founded in 2006, with a registered capital of ¥1,000,000, mainly engaged in eye drops, nasal drops and ear drops, and the Zhenshiming Pharmaceutical Industry is best known for the Zhenshiming Drops. In terms of its ownership structure, up till now, the Conba holds 80% shares of Zhenshiming Pharmaceutical Industry and 20% shares of Zhenliang Enterprise Management Consulting Partnership in Lanxi City.

Hemp Industry in China

Conba’s association with industrial cannabis since an announcement published at the beginning of the year. In January 2019, Conba received a report from its wholly-owned subsidiary company, Yunnan Xitao Green Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xitao Company”), According to the report,the Xitao Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Yunnan Yunxing Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yunxing Company”), has received a permit for processing cannabis flowers and leaves.

Soon afterward, Conba took a further step in the field of industrial cannabis. This year, in March Conba announced that it would transfer 100% equity stock right off the Yunxing Company at a price of ¥30,000,000, which owned by the Xitao Company. After the transfer process, Conba would invest ¥60,000,000 in Yunxing Company.

This year, in August during a field visit to the industrial cannabis industry in Yunnan, a reporter from the Securities Times learned that since at the end of 2018, Yunxing Company has begun to investigate the feasibility of the industrial cannabis processing project. With the approval of Luxi County Public Security Bureau, the Yunxing Company obtained the pre-approval for its construction of the industrial cannabis processing factory on January 25, 2019. After the reconstruction of the plant and debugging the production line, Yunxing Company passed the on-site inspection where the samples were taken for re-examination in July 2019.

Molecular Formula of Cannabidiol (CBD)
Molecular Formula of Cannabidiol (CBD)

In the semi-annual report of 2019, Conba pointed out that according to the relevant laws and regulations, policies and changes in the industry and market changes at home and abroad, they would do good preparation for the planning of the company’s industrial cannabis industry and the construction of the whole industrial chain for the development. Efforts will be made to help Yunxing Company obtain the official processing and production license of industrial cannabis as soon as possible, to prepare for the normal development of processing and production business. At the same time, Conba would give full play to the superiority of production capacity and promote international and domestic cooperation, to conduct basic research and market development of CBD product diversification.

With the re-recognition of the development and application value of CBD in medical and health fields, in the past six months, cannabis products on the basis of CBD research and development have become enriched. For example, L’Oreal’s Keihl hemp seed oil, Hemp Hand Protector (chanvre creme) launched by The Body Shop from the UK.

In China, in addition to Conba(600572), Kunyao Group(600422) has also focused on cannabis cosmetics. On June 19, Kunyao Group Co., Ltd. officially published an article entitled “Kunyao Group KPC Cannabis Leaf Skin Care Series Innovative Appearance”, which said that its”Industrial Cannabis Business Department” and “Big Health Business Department” were established to create KPC skincare series by using the core raw materials of industrial cannabis.

With the decline of concept marketing, the capital market will enter a phase of physical production towards the understanding of Industrial Cannabis.whether this cannabis eye mask launched by “Zhenshiming” company, can reproduce its brilliance in eye drops or not, we will wait and see.

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