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E-cigarette Vapor Has Non-Negative Effects on Bone Structure

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There is a long known that smoking has numerous side effects on human health, mainly damages respiratory and cardiovascular functions. And tobacco also damages people's bone system, and this was approved by a recent study from the Archives of Toxicology journal.

There are plenty of studies about negative effects of smoking on the bone structure that have plenty of evidence to prove over the last couple of decades. Smokers who use traditional tobacco for a long time have a higher risk of fracture than non-smokers. Smokers make up the majority of those who suffer from hip fractures and osteoporotic fractures.

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However, what about the e-cigarette? Since e-cigarette is considered as the best alternative to tobacco, will it lead to damage to bone structure or musculoskeletal system?

A new study published by a team of European scientists shows that differs from cigarette smoking, e-cigarette doesn't appear to harm bone density and volume fraction.

This research took six-month to collect data. After analyzing the statistic, researchers pointed out:

"Our data revealed a significant decrease in cortical bone structure and strength due to CS (cigarette smoke) inhalation, while inhalation of e-vapor aerosol and its individual components did not cause significant bone changes relative to Sham (air) exposure."

"In conclusion, because of the bone-preserving effect of e-vapor aerosols relative to CS exposure, e-vapor products could potentially constitute less harmful alternatives to cigarettes in situations in which bone health is of importance."

Therefore, none of the e-cigarette cause negative effects on bone integrity, even for e-cigarette contains nicotine or artificial flavors, based on the result of this study. On the contrary, lab rats that were exposed to cigarette smoke presented a significant decline in both cortical and total bone volume fraction, also bone density relative.

This study, however, also has its limitations. For example, The study has its limitations. For example, this study was done on lab rats rather than humans. The bone structure and body system are different between them. Moreover, mice were exposed under the smoke of tobacco and e-cigarette for six-month without any break, which seems like an extreme case if people smoke like this.

Hence, further analysis of the adverse effects of e-cigarette on the bone structure is necessary. But now, at least we could say e-cigarette is less harmful than traditional tobacco on bone structure.

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