E-cigarette brands innovate for a breakthrough in a homogeneous market

With the intensifying of completion and growing demand, E-cigarette brands strive their best to find their footing in a highly homogeneous market.

A Watch-like E-cigarette

The product, called Amulet, is a watch-based, refillable small portable vaping device. It is reported that it was developed by the Chinese manufacturer UWELL. As for the sales situation, because it is a new product, and there are only some basic product information been released.

Material: PCTG, polycarbonate, silicone

Size: 47.7 x 37.5 x 17.2 mm

Net weight: 27 grams

Shell capacity: 2 ml

Battery capacity: 370mAh

Maximum power: 10W

Resistance: 1.6Ω

According to official data, Amulet uses a dust-proof circuit board from PCBA, which can effectively protect the core components of the device. The chip has a variety of circuit protection features that provide stable, safe and reliable performance.

In addition, Amulet can not only wake up the device through the touch screen but also to view the time and date. The most attractive one is the design of the watch. Although these functions have been used in the past large vaping devices, by comparison, the smaller size of Amulet makes it much more practical and easy to use.

Sharing Your Chewing Gums

Make no mistakes! this is not chewing gum, but an E-cigarette product that looks like one.

This is a disposable small portable vaping device launched by the “RUI”, which has a good taste, thin and light, and easy to share. RUI makes it different from other brands by focusing its research and technology on disposable vaping devices.

At present, the shape of disposable electronic cigarettes on the market is roughly divided into two types. The first type is a pen-type like a small color bar, a HI stick or an AMORI; the second type is a product like Mojo, STIG, and RGB;

It is important to know that it is difficult to alter the shape of the device at will because of the disposable structure. In addition to improving the production process, no consumers would like when there is e-liquid left with a dead battery, vice versus. Compressible space of the battery itself is noticeable, as well as the stability and consistency of the product quality.

In other words, RUI can make an E-cigarette like chewing gum, gaining rapturous feedbacks, which means that the brand not only has strong R&D and manufacturing ability, but also an excellent quality control system.

The brand said at a press conference recently that the reason why E-cigarettes are as light and thin as chewing gum is mainly to facilitate sharing. For traditional smokers in China, “sharing cigarettes” is a common thing. However, E-cigarettes have missed this, so RUI will immediately come up with the idea of ​​sharing, chewing gum E-cigarettes.

Reborn of DIY E-cigarette

In the past, the daily life of a vaper will generally include some interesting aspects such as equipment cleaning, heating wire making, and cotton plugging. Do-it-yourself will not only bring a sense of achievement but for players who have a keen sense for taste, DIY is one of the indispensable life of E-cigarettes.

However, with the inception of nicotine salt, the market demand for small portable vaping products has increased, which lead a gradual decline of big vaping devices (vaping mod) in the Chinese market, many vapers have quit and believed that the E-cigarette has lost its original pleasure.

Is it true that e-cigarettes have to go a separate way with DIY?

Of course not

PASITO from SMOANT and JESTER POD from VAPEFLY, both of which are recently introduced refillable E-cigarettes with interchangeable atomizing core. However, it is worth noting that in addition to the interchangeable atomizing core, the original device also introduced the RBA kit, allowing consumers to replace the heating wire and cotton to achieve a true taste of “DIY”.

Not only that, but PASITO also provides 0.6 ohms and 1.4 ohms finished atomizing core, even a new user, who do not know how to set up RBA, can also easily use different ohmic atomizing core, and built-in 5-speed output Power, to mix the taste and suitable amount of smoke.

Although these devices are currently mainly sold abroad, small vaping devices moving to the DIY structure may allow some users to regain the fun E-cigarettes.

Vaper has formed a very distinct cultural group, even though the “generic molding” of the e-cigarette market is too prevailing, brands are moving towards the concept of a bullet-type smoke like Juul, but as long as users have different needs, there are still Some brands are willing to focus on serving a specific market.

Perhaps, for now, the long re-purchase period of cartridges, low profits and the cost savings of DIY kits will affect the growth of emerging E-cigarette companies in China. However, as users’ demand for products increases and the competition for homogenous products in the market intensifies, it is perhaps the only way for brands to stand out from the market.

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