Colorado CBD Study Recruiting Retired Athletes

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Colorado CBD Study Recruiting Retired Athletes

Calling all retired jocks: Cannabis doctors want you try CBD.

Cannabis Clinicians Colorado, a group of health-care professionals dedicated to studying medical marijuana, is recruiting sixteen retired athletes to participate in a study to see how using CBD affects quality of life with regard to sleep and chronic pain, among other things.

Former athletes who have played collegiate or professional sports can sign up for a screening to see if they qualify to become CBD guinea pigs, testing how certain CBD products and dosages affect their overall health.

“If you’ve played at least one season of college, we’ll take you,” explains CCC director Martha Montemayor. “That’s a pretty elite level, with the amount of work that you have to do to get there. All we require for you to be qualified as a retired elite-level athlete is to at least have played a year, or even a season, in college.”

Source: Westword

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