CLICK Announces Launch of the First Cannabis-Based Mouth Spray

CLICK™ is an innovative leader in cannabis sublingual offerings founded in California. Its products are specifically designed for its customers’ s needs. Recently, the CLICK announced that its cannabis-based sprays are now available to purchase and with delivery services throughout California.

With the support of the industry experts, CLICK simplified the cannabis experience, which is quite different from traditional tobacco smoking or vaping. Users who use this new product only need a simple spray under their tongue. The experience of this spray could maintain about six to eight minutes with one press. This unique product design could perfectly control the amount of marijuana intake for its customers. Also, it is easy to carry out and possibly use anytime and anywhere.

Jared Gray, the CLICK Director of Marketing said, “Right now we have an opportunity to move away from the stigma of administering cannabis by smoking and vaping to a much cleaner, discrete and fun way of experiencing the benefits… As cannabis becomes a larger part of mainstream culture, we hope CLICK will empower consumers to navigate the rapidly growing industry with confidence.”

Each bottle of CLICK is packed with 200mg of cannabinoids which delivers 80 2.5mg sprays in total. This spray provides various flavors to satisfy different people’s taste, which includes:

  • GO THC – Pep-A-Mint Flavor with Green Tea Extract.
  • RESTORE 1:5 – Lemon Ginger Grass Flavor with Boswellia.
  • CHILL 2:1 – TropiCali Flavor with L-Theanine.
  • DREAM 1:2 – Midnight Mint Flavor with Melatonin.

Source: StreetInsider

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