Jilin police seize 3.9 tons of marijuana | China News Agency

Chinese Police Seize 3.9 Tons of Marijuana, Arrest 12 Suspects

Jilin police seize 3.9 tons of marijuana | China News Agency

The Chinese police have seized 3.9 tons of marijuana and arrested 12 suspects for alleged link to a drug trafficking case, the official China News Agency quoted the police as saying.

The operation occurred in the northeastern province of Jilin in April after local police received reports that some residents in Taiyuan village stored massive marijuana at their homes.

Jilin police took immediate action and found 124 bags of marijuana at the properties of two villagers, surnamed Jiang and Li respectively.

After investigation, the police learned that the drug belongs to another two individuals, surnamed Yue and Wang respectively.

Jilin police then arrested Yue and Wang. According to the statements by these two suspects, they have been growing hemp outside Jilin since 2016, and transporting marijuana to Jilin for sales.

Jilin police show the marijuana they seize | China News Agency

For the reason of illegally participating in the production and storage of marijuana for economic benefits, Jilin police arrested another eight suspects.

According to the police, five suspects have been prosecuted in line with the law, and the rest eight released on bail pending trial.

This is the biggest drug trafficking case in the history of Jilin, said Jilin police.

China has some of the world’s toughest laws against marijuana since the founding of the People’s Republic in 1949. Under Chinese criminal law, anybody carrying more than 5kg of processed marijuana leaves, 10kg of resin, or 150kg of fresh leaves can face the death penalty.

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