China's First Hemp Spa Set: Inbriz Spa

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"Inbriz recently sets up the first hemp-themed spa in China mainland."

After launching China's first hemp skin-care products, Inbriz recently sets up the first hemp-themed spa in China mainland. The spa adopts the products from Inbriz and its partners, which is compliant to the cosmetic registration of National Medical Products Administration, and it also introduced other natural-plant products. By the world-leading services and product ideas, Inbriz is committed to have the clients experience the most prevailing skin-care ingredients.


The essential oil from hemp, compliant to the regulation of National Medical Products Administration, is effective in anti-oxidation and anti-aging. Meanwhile, it can also diminish inflammation and allergy. The essential oil used in Inbriz can help to release and mitigate muscle pain.

Inbriz spa - InbrizCare
Inbriz products - InbrizCare

As a brand running business in legal hemp commodities in China, Inbriz innovatively sets up the first Chinese hemp store, launches the world's first Chinese herb and hemp skin care products, and the world's first hemp cat litter. Inbriz's high quality products have been positively recognized by the government, academia, business community and customers, and are displayed as the first batch of demonstration products in the government hemp industrial park.

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