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China’s County Plans to Plant 200 Acres Industrial Hemp

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As the legalization trend of the industrial hemp whole world, China catches up with the pace. Now, industrial hemp is legal in the Heilongjiang/Yunnan province of China. China’s farmer got benefits from the boom of industrial hemp. Yun county,one of the counties of Yunnan province of China plans to cultivate 200 acres industrial hemp in 2020.

Recently, Yun county, one county of Yunnan province held training lessons on industrial hemp cultivation in DeSheng village, AiHua town, which helped the rapid implementation of the industrial hemp processing and production construction project in Yun county.

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The experts from the Yunnan province academy of agricultural sciences explained the critical points of planting techniques in detail to the trainees. They emphasized the matters needing to attention in the cultivation management during the cultivation process so that each trainee could directly learn the knowledge of industrial hemp cultivation process, management, and care.

Yun county introduced industrial cannabidiol (CBD) of construction projects provided by HaiBu biotechnology (Yunnan) co., LTD. The project’s investment budget is $302143068.49(RMB.214.44million). The whole construction covers an area of 3.3 acres (50 mu, a Chinese unit of measure). The construction building includes industrial hemp flowers and leaves extraction factory, office building, lab building, sewage treatment station, the exhibition hall, solvent room, boiler room, etc., The planing production of high purity CBD is 5 to 10 tons. The industrial hemp will provide raw material to many fields such as textile weaving, paper making, food, medicine, leather, automobile, construction, munitions, chemical industry, etc..

And CBD can be used in new types of building materials, bio-energy, food health care, medicine and animal feeding, etc..

 The county set up a project headquarters to accelerate the construction of the project to command and coordination of the project. At present, 3.3 acres( 50 mu) of land has been used for the construction project, and the site is cleared, that project power supply and water supply have been completed. The establishment and feasibility of this project have been completed. And the license for industrial cannabis cultivation and processing has been approved. 

Yun county plans to cultivate 200 acres of industrial hemp. Planting sites have beenimplemented, which includes Zinman village of da-zhai town 92 acres, Guanfang village 41.3 acres and etc..The 390 kg test fertilizing seeds, organic fertilizer, and agricultural films have been in the right place.Everything is ready for enlarging the area of cultivation and enhancing the quality of growth.

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