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China’s Industrial Cannabis Industry Ushers in the Harvest Season

Since the beginning of this year, the boom in the industrial cannabis investment sector has drawn numerous attention and many companies have participated in the industrial cannabis cultivation business. The harvest season is approaching, how is the situation of those provinces allows industrial cannabis cultivation in China?

Heilongjiang Province

Heilongjiang used Long ma No. 5 for the first time, and it is expected to harvest 1,000 ha: after the Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Hainan breeding a new cannabis strain “Longma No. 5” in 2018, in May this year, Heilongjiang Province began the first legal source “Long ma No. 5” cultivation. The planting range is distributed in Sunwu County, Heihe City, and in Nehe County, Qiqihar city.

At present, the harvest of industrial cannabis leaves and flowers in Heilongjiang Province is basically completed. The actual CBD content this year’s harvest is between 0.5% and 0.8%, which does not meet the expected content of 1% to 1.3% of “Long ma 5”. In addition to the lack of planting experience affecting the quality of industrial cannabis CBD contents, early spring drought in Heilongjiang, excess summer rains and low temperature affected seed growth and harvest, the estimated actual harvested area does not exceed 1,000 ha.

Yunnan Province

The area of planting in Yunnan has increased, the price varies from quantity: Since the industrial cannabis growth cycle in Yunnan is slightly longer than that in Heilongjiang, the large-scale harvest of industrial cannabis in Yunnan is expected to begin in mid-October. “Yun Ma No.7” is the main strain of industrial cannabis cultivation in Yunnan. Yunnan has also suffered the drought in spring, and the growers have carried out several replantings, which also affected the harvest to some extent. Due to the continuous heat of industrial cannabis at the beginning of the year, the actual planting area in Yunnan this year has increased significantly compared with previous years, and is expected to be around 6,666.7 ha. The CBD content is the core factor affecting the purchase price of the cannabis leaves and flowers.

Research suggests that even the same strain of industrial cannabis, different planting management will result in different CBD content, as per previous experiences, the first grade CBD can be sold at ¥25-26/kg, second-grade ¥20/kg, third-grade ¥16/kg.

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