China Re-Sells E-Cigarettes Online?

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In November 2019, China Tobacco and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce published the Notice on Further Protection of Minors from E-cigarettes. After this policy is implemented, online e-cigarette sales were banned. This regulation causes a significant influence on e-cigarette sales, and owners of vape stores or tobacco stores need to adjust their sales strategies, like focusing on offline business.

Recently, online stores have sold energy vapors online, especially on the Taobao, one of the biggest Chinese online shopping websites.

In fact, if people want to purchase e-cigarettes online, and they may find nothing. However, if they are typing 'energy vapors' or 'atomizer,' they could get one. And owners of this kind of online store argued that energy vapors are not the same as e-cigarettes. Is it true? Or they are just selling e-cigarettes in another name.

(The ban of online e-cigarette sales in China-The-New-York-Times)

If you further ask about the differences between e-cigarettes and energy vapors, the seller only emphasizes the idea of no nicotine, no tar, and no harm. However, keywords like 0% of tar, anti-addiction, nicotine-free, the best alternative to tobacco smoking, and help to quit smoking are commonly used in e-cigarette advertisements.

Furthermore, according to the ingredients list, the main components of these energy vapors are glycerin, propylene glycol, spices, and other ingredients, glycerin, propylene glycol, which are the same components of e-cigarettes.

Zhang Jianshu, president of the Beijing Tobacco Control Association, claimed that although sellers say the energy vapors are safe and without nicotine, it is hard to guarantee the components. There is no quality certification standard for e-cigarette products in China yet. Even if this energy vapor doesn't contain nicotine, the propylene glycol has negative effects on human health, especially for the youth.

Some online stores may warn that teenagers are prohibited from buying, but without any precautions and auditing mechanisms, and they can pay the product directly.

In conclusion, the government may concern to strengthening the management of the e-cigarette market and regulate the online sales of e-cigarette in the future.

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