China National Tobacco Corporation's HnB Layout in China

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"China National Tobacco Corporation has explored the HnB market for 5 years, andit has become the leader of the HnB industry."

With the development of e-cig market in China, HnB products are becoming renowned by the almost same flavour as traditional tobacco. It can be anticipated that China HnB market is ushering in golden time.

China National Tobacco Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China Tobacco) has explored the HnB market for 5 years. And by the cooperation of its subsidiaries, the corporation has become the leader of the industry.

The HnB Layout of China Tobacco'Subsidiaries

At least one type of HnB product launched  

China Tobacco Yunnan: MW, MC

China Tobacco Sichuan: Kuanzhaigongfu

China Tobacco Guangdong: MU+, ING

China Tobacco Hubei: MOK smoking set, COO cartridge

China Tobacco Heilongjiang: KOKEN smoking set,LOPATO cartridge

China Tobacco Shanghai: FIRAVO

China Tobacco Chongqing:Tianzi vape 

Over one type of HnB product launched

China Tobacco Yunnan:MW, MC

China Tobacco Sichuan: Kuanzhaigongfu

China Tobacco Guangdong: MU+, ING 

Only HnB assembly unit launched

China Tobacco Shangdong: Fangcun Cartridge

China Tobacco Anhui: Dian Cartridge

China Tobacco Jiangsu:Filter tip, homogenizing tobacco sheet

China Tobacco Henan: Yueshang cartridge 

Five HnB subcontracting subsidiaries

  • Shenzhen Huayu LTD.
  • Shenzhen Heyuan LTD.
  • Huizhou Jirui LTD.
  • QianhaiGuojianHuayan (Shenzhen) LTD.
  • Weitao (Shenzhen)LTD.

According to the survey from, up to 57 subsidiaries of China Tobacco intervened in HnB, with total investment reaching to 11.4B dollar. But most of these subsidiaries' HnB products are not currently mass-produced, and are made by cooperation with other companies.

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