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China Central Television interviews on the China’s E-cigarette industry

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This morning, the president of the ECCC( The Electronic Cigarette industry Committee, China Electronics Chamber of Commerce ), Ou Junxi, was invited by the CCTV ( China Central Television ) English Channel CGTN ( China Global Television Network) reporter Li Jianhua to make a brief interview in the Association Office. Both of them mainly exchanged views on the impact of the US-China trade war on e-cigarettes industry. President Ou said that China's e-cigarettes have absolute advantages in terms of manufacturing industry, supply chain, and intellectual property rights. From design, R&D to finished product cycle, they are undoubtedly the most competitive in the world, and more than 95% of the world's e-cigarettes are designed and made in China. At present, the tax rate for electronic cigarettes in the United States has increased. So far, it has little effect on the Chinese electronic cigarette industry. Instead, it indirectly affects American consumers. The tax increase is passed on to the majority of American consumers.

Subsequently, Li Jianhua, accompanied by Secretary General Wei Weinuo, went to the vice president unit Shenzhen Eigate Technology Co., Ltd. and Mr. Liu Tuanfang, the chairman of the board, said in the interview that he expects the e-cigarette industry to be standardized, regulated and clarified. He called on the whole industry to combat against infringement and counterfeiting, while also to encourage innovation and exports.

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[…] More than 95% of the world’s e-cigarettes are designed and made in China, Ou Junxi, president of the Electric… Read more »