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CGTN: China's E-cigarette industry calls for specific standards and rules

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Due to a lack of supervision, E-cigarettes can be bought on the streets of China or online stores. According to the World Health Organization, the industry is worth $7 billion and currently has more than 500 brands. The production of these devices is mainly concentrated in Shenzhen, South China because the supply chain in Shenzhen has matured and developed. These devices have been promoted as alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

Ou Junxi, chairman of the Electronic Commerce Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, said: "From the sketch of the electronic cigarette equipment to the final product, it takes only a little more than a day."

CGTN (China Global TV Network) visited Aspire, one of the world's largest E-cigarette manufacturers. The company’s sales revenue last year was about $1 billion. The company's CEO said he is willing to see regulatory regulations in the industry, one of the few regulators in the industry at the turn of the century.

Liu Tuanfang, CEO of Aspire Electronic Cigarette, said: "As long as these regulations are protecting consumers' rights, we will make every effort to meet the standards."

Liu added that the most disturbing problem in the industry is fraud and counterfeit, and he hopes that the new regulations will help solve this problem.

"Our biggest market is not China"

According to the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, more than 95% of these products are exported, the largest of which is the United States and Europe. China is acting in accordance with the standards of these markets, and also is following the standards of these markets, and it has not yet been clearly defined.

“We are setting standards for the production of E-cigarettes. In addition, we follow the EU Tobacco Products Directive and the US Food and Drug Administration. All our products exported to Europe meet their requirements, as do our products exported to the US. Ou Junxi told CGTN. "Our biggest market is not China. ”

Due to the stalemate between China and the United States in the escalating trade war, China’s E-cigarette exports to the United States have been subject to higher tariffs – currently about 28%.

Mr. Ou believes that imposing tariffs on Chinese E-cigarettes will only harm the interests of the United States, because China is almost the only E-cigarette supplier in the world, and the price increase will be imposed on American consumers eventually.

E-cigarettes are considered a way for addicts to quit smoking. E-cigarettes are increasingly popular among young people around the world, especially in the United States.

E-cigarettes help smoke cessation? 

A study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine in 2017 showed that E-cigarettes trigger a unique immune response, just like regular cigarettes.

Mehmet Kesimer, a senior author and associate professor of pathology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said: "It is unclear whether E-cigarettes are more 'safe' than cigarettes because the potential side effects of E-cigarettes are just beginning to be studied. ”

In this study, the researchers observed 15 E-cigarette users, 14 current smokers and 15 non-smokers. Researchers have found that the harmful signals left by E-cigarettes in the lungs are both similar and unique, challenging the notion that switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes is a healthier alternative.

However, some people have pointed out the limitations of this study - 5 out of 15 e-cigarette users said they occasionally smoked traditional cigarettes and 12 said they had smoked.

In recent years, China has increased its efforts to curb smoking in closed public places, including traditional cigarettes and E-cigarettes.

Air China's two pilots used to smoke e-cigarettes triggered alarms in the cockpit last year as a good example. As a result, the pilot’s license was revoked and the aircraft was forced to drop more than 6,500 meters due to a sudden drop in cabin pressure.

Shenzhen is one of the most stringent smoking cities in China. In April this year, the city issued new regulations prohibiting the use of E-cigarettes in public places.

“E-cigarettes may contain fewer chemicals than traditional cigarettes. But the nicotine content of e-cigarettes can be changed, even higher than traditional cigarettes.” In our past law enforcement agencies, when it came to smoking in public places, people may say that smoking e-cigarettes in public places are not prohibited because there are no clear rules, but now we can stop them. ”

In addition, smoking is prohibited in open places such as campuses and bus stops, and anywhere within 5 meters of the subway entrance. Other parts of the United States may follow suit.

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