Celebrity Effect in CBD Industry

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"Recently, Kylie Jenner, who owns the 7th most followers in Instagram, and sister to Kim Kardashian officially entered the CBD industry. Although Kim has been in the cannabis field for many years, it was the first time for her sister Kylie to enter such a “future industry”."
VAPEBIZ: Celebrity Effect in CBD Industry

Recently, Kylie Jenner, who owns the 7th most followers in Instagram, and sister to Kim Kardashian officially entered the CBD industry. Although Kim has been in the cannabis field for many years, it was the first time for her sister Kylie to enter such a  “future industry”.

Kim owns 6th most followers in Instagram which has not much difference from Kylie. Therefore the two sisters are extremely influential on social media around the world, general public and followers around the world, with great enthusiasm, will respond to whatever they post.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants, which has been proven to possess medicinal properties to the human body. CBD has been used in a wide range of fields after its legalization in many countries worldwide. Especially after the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018. According to the bill, cannabis derivatives including CBD are no longer subject to the strict restriction under the controlled substance act.  Learn more about CBD on Vapebiz: [Exclusive Expert Interview] China: Cannabis Research And Policy Prospects

In recent months, major brands including the top 500 companies such as CVS and Walgreens have begun to supply CBD products in the market, and there are many health products stores, Vape stores and small retailers selling CBD-related products. According to Vapebiz, Kim’s new product launched in April is the CBD baby shower gel.

Kylie Jenner Promotes CBD Product Happy Tea on Instagram

It is reported that Kylie Jenner is also regarded as the most popular celebrity in the CBD industry. Currently, Kylie Jenner, in addition to her endorsement of Happy Tea, rumors that she may follow Kardashian into other CBD products.

Michael Gonzalez, CEO of Happy Tea, said that now CBD users are no longer the minority. In addition to the booming industry, many celebrities have begun to invest a great sum of money to promote CBD products. Kylie undoubtedly has the keenest sense for fashion in the world,and she is always the focus wherever she goes, also she can attract more audience via other means. Attracting people as Kylie does, it is the biggest achievement for the whole industry.

Happy Tea’s marketing owes its success to Fit Tea, a detox drinks company founded by Michael Gonzalez in 2013. Both products were originally developed for their own use, with Fit Tea focusing on detoxification and weight loss, and Happy Tea helping people with anxiety.

When Michael first founded the company, Instagram was only established for three years. He paid the event company to promote his products but did not expect an enthusiastic response from the market. Since then, celebrities like Kylie, Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, and Khloe have been promoting his Happy Tea online.

In fact, it’s no longer news that celebrities are involved in the CBD. Start with the NBA star: the legendary, Paul Pierce, “Bring the CBD into the NBA to heal sports injuries.”

Earlier, on February 2018, retired NBA star Al Harrington set up his own CBD company in Beverly Hills. On the opening ceremony, Harrington invited a number of NBA stars, including Tyronn Lue, the then coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Michelle Roberts, executive director of the National Basketball Association (NBPA), and Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry, the then Houston Rockets forward Trevor Ariza and Stephen Jackson, Charles Oakley and Kenyon Martin.

Not only that, but Big3 co-founder Jeff Kwainetz also stated: I listened to their feedback on CBD medicines and finally decided to take this significant move to support their health. ”

Whoopi&Maya’s Whoopi Goldberg, Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, Jennifer Aniston, Mandy Moore from This Is Us, Emma Roberts,Olivia Wilde from Bickford Shmecklers Cool Ideas, Boxing champion Mike Tyson, and famous actor/producer Morgan Freeman and other celebrities are supporters of CBD.

Mike Tyson: Tyson Ranch
Mike Tyson: Tyson Ranch

Vapebiz has also learned that Mike Tyson has set up his own marijuana ranch near Palm Springs, Calif., called Tyson Ranch, which sells cannabis flowers and leaves and other derivatives. Tyson promotes it every year with events such as private parties and music festivals, which are attended by dozens of Instagram influencers. With the launch of Tyson Ranch’s first CBD drink, Dwiink, Tyson is also developing more products to penetrate the CBD market.

As far as it goes, though the CBD industry is still young Vapebiz believes that CBD industry will soon become competitive. With influential public figures continue to promoting the industry, more consumers will get to know CBD products. According to Brightfield Group, an investment analysis agency, the CBD market will grow to $24 billion by 2023. Further reading: How Dose The CBD Become A Rising Star?

The CBD industry is expected to achieve tremendous growth in 2020 through the celebrity effect.

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