CBD May Help You Battle With the Cold Season

CBD May Help You Battle With the Cold Season

Preliminary research indicates that CBD can be helpful in sleep management, anxiety, pain management, and inflammation.
" In general, cannabis can also be extremely helpful at reducing headaches and migraines, both of which are common symptoms that people experience with their colds. "

Both the common cold and the flu affect everyone at some points in their lives. Many people are now turning to marijuana for cold and flu relief. The plant’s anti-inflammatory properties can help you cope with symptoms like sore throat, sinus pain, and body aches. 

There’s some research out there that suggests that CBD might help you when it comes to the common cold. Like vitamins, CBD can be used to prevent colds from occurring or at least decrease their odds.

It can also help in reducing some of their most common symptoms. From protecting your skin against breakouts and dryness to boosting your immune system:

Cure the Common Cold

Both cannabidiol (CBD) and THC, molecules found within the cannabis plant, can help ease many symptoms of the flu and common cold.

CBD has natural antibacterial properties that can help fight against secondary bacterial infections that may develop from the cold and flu. CBD is also an anti-inflammatory, properties may help open up the sinus passages and increase ease of breathing.

According to some data, it’s not that CBD is viable medicine that can treat your colds, as Hello MD explains, the compound can be used to prevent them from occurring, or at least decrease their odds, like a vitamin.

Will Make You Sleepy

One of the most affecting elements of the flu or a cold is how these diseases affect your sleep. Body aches, fevers, and runny noses can make it very hard for people to focus on sleeping, even if they’re exhausted.

According to some studies, CBD can help you sleep, especially when you’re problems are short term. The study says that by easing pain and anxiety, people have an easier time falling asleep.

Actually a key benefit of CBD is that it can keep one alert and functioning unlike many prescription drugs and over the counter treatments. Having said that, CBD can help your body achieve a state of homeostasis. So it can be helpful in reducing the stressors that keep you up at night. Also, some CBD products come in formations designed to help you get a sound night’s sleep.

A Stronger Immune System

Nothing protects your body from colds better than a strong immune system, which battles infections and all sorts of illnesses. 

Our bodies naturally produce compounds called “endogenous cannabinoids” that interact with the endocannabinoid system. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system, stimulating our immune system through the CB1 and CB2 receptors located in our bodies.

While the endocannabinoid system works great on its own, CBD and other cannabis compounds can interact with system receptors to provide an all-natural healing effect.

Some research suggests CBD has anti-viral properties and may provide cold & flu relief via immune system modulation.

Pain Relief

If you get a particularly strong cold, one of the worst symptoms you can experience is fever and body aches. The latter is particularly hard to provide relief from, causing discomfort when standing, sitting and laying down.

In a CBD pain management study, cannabinoids, including CBD, can help treat pain. CB2 receptors are confined to immune and lymphoid tissues, which are proven to be essential mediators for suppressing inflammation and pain. Also, CBD oil boosts the signaling of adenosine receptors. This is a neurotransmitter that inhibits how the body perceives pain, it also promotes sleep and relaxation.

CBD is a great pain reliever, especially when consumed orally or when applied topically.

Nourish Dry Skin

One of the most common concerns people have throughout the winter is dry skin, which affects every part of you that’s exposed to the cold. For some, this means that their hands, lips, chins, and noses break easily due to the frigidness of the environment.

CBD works amazingly with skincare products, having a place in lip balms, face creams and all sorts of topicals. Lotions, balms, gels, or creams are infused with CBD to produce skin-friendly products that contain the medicinal properties of CBD. 

Antibacterial Properties

CBD has antibacterial properties that can help you battle infections, particularly those that develop with the common cold or flu. 

According to one study, CBD was “remarkably effective” at killing bacteria, having antibiotic effects against different types of staph and strep bacteria.

Now, CBD is being seen as a supplement that can help fight the common cold and other illnesses that tend to crop up during the colder months.

The omega-3 fatty acids in Cannabis and CBD can work to reduce the inflammation in the body to not only help you get over the cold but to work to strengthen the immune system against contracting other viruses.

Cannabis can be combined with other superfoods like turmeric to boost its anti-inflammatory properties. It can be consumed in the form of a tea to help soothe your symptoms and support your immune system. Cannabis can be brewed into tea directly with other cold-busters like ginger, lemon, and honey. You can also mix your favorite herbal tea with cannabis-infused honey for a soothing treat.

While cannabis may not be able to cure the flu or common cold, it can provide you with much relief.

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