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  • Cannabis Wednesday News: With Marijuana Testing soon Underway, Pot Expected to Hit Shelves this Fall

Cannabis Wednesday News: With Marijuana Testing soon Underway, Pot Expected to Hit Shelves this Fall

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"Cannabis Wednesday News: With Marijuana Testing soon Underway, Pot Expected to Hit Shelves this Fall, etc."

With Marijuana Testing soon Underway, Pot Expected to Hit Shelves this Fall

stltoday - Missouri inched closer this week to its first commercial marijuana sales when a laboratory here got a green light to start testing samples of pot expected to hit shelves by late October.

EKG Labs on Saturday became the first of 10 licensed medical marijuana testers to start operations after passing a state inspection. 

That means marijuana currently being grown by a handful of commercial cultivators may now undergo state-required testing for safety — and potency — so it can be sold at dispensaries. 

EKG expects to start testing samples of marijuana as early as next week, said Natalie Brown director of operations. 

Jackpot! Nevada Cannabis Sales Rebound

prnewswire - According to Business intelligence from Akerna (Nasdaq: KERN), an enterprise software, leading compliance technology provider, and developer of the cannabis industry's first seed-to-sale enterprise resource planning (ERP) software technology (MJ Platform®), suggests that Nevada cannabis sales are finally on the path to recovery.

For retailers in the state using the MJ Platform, cannabis sales first started to decline around March 21, following the implementation of lock down restrictions put in place by the state and local government. Average daily total sales declined by 74% when compared to January/February averages.

LeafCann Secures Cannabis Import Licence from Australian Government

healtheuropa - Privately-owned medicinal cannabis company LeafCann has secured a Medicinal Cannabis import licence from the Australian Government.

The licence, which will enable LeafCann to supply Australian patients with high-quality medicinal cannabis, comes on the back of a wholesale dealers’ licence enabling the company to warehouse and distribute a range of cannabis medicines under prescription.

medicinal cannabis company LeafCann has secured a Medicinal Cannabis import licence from the Australian Government. - healtheuropa

Pennsylvania Patient Sues Employer for Medical Cannabis Discrimination

ganjapreneur - The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania is allowing a medical cannabis patient to move forward with a lawsuit alleging her employer wrongfully terminated her for her cannabis use, Bloomberg Law reports.   

Donna Hudnell, a former security analyst for Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals Inc., said she was fired after failing a drug test for cannabis despite being a lawfully registered patient. Her employer had argued that Hudnell’s medical cannabis patient card had expired and they had no way of knowing whether her positive test was from cannabis use for medical reasons, the report says. Hudnell was drug tested upon returning from work from spinal surgery and was ultimately fired on the same day her medical cannabis card was re-certified. 

A Dozen Applications for Portland’s Cannabis Retail Licenses Could Be Disqualified

cannabisbusinesstimes - Portland, Maine, received 43 cannabis dispensary applications last month for the city's 20 available retail licenses, but a preliminary staff review has found that a dozen of the applicants could be disqualified for not meeting basic requirements such as paying city taxes and fees on time, according to the Portland Press Herald.

The 12 applicants could be disqualified for not having a conditional state cannabis license, being more than 30 days late on paying a local tax or fee in the last five years, having unresolved land-use violations, or planning to operate a dispensary too close to a school or in the wrong zoning district, the news outlet reported.

Newzealand Salvation Army Does Not Support the Legalisation Of Cannabis

scoop - The Salvation Army is calling for drug reform but does not support the legalisation of cannabis as proposed in the referendum.

The Salvation Army is in support of a form of decriminalisation of cannabis, particularly a shift away from society's response of punishment to a more compassionate health response when cannabis possession is deemed to be for personal use. The Army does, however, advocate for strict legal prohibition to be enforced for those producing and supplying cannabis.

The Salvation Army believes that New Zealanders do not have enough information to make an informed decision for legalisation at this point.

California Cannabis Farmers Refuse to Evacuate as Fire Encroaches

ganjapreneur - Cannabis farmers in the communities of Post Mountain and Trinity Pines, California are refusing to evacuate their cultivation sites even as the August Complex wildfires close in and weather forecasters predict more fire-friendly conditions, the Associated Press reports. 

The small towns are about 200 miles northwest of Sacramento.

Oasis Cannabis Dispensary’s Grand Opening Celebration From Oct 2-4

azmarijuana - Oasis Cannabis just opened its third Valley dispensary. Their new Glendale location at 6676 W Bell Road will be celebrating its grand opening from October 2-4.

The grand opening event will "have giveaways, raffles, and socially distanced vendors each day," Oasis Cannabis told AZmarijuana.com.

The dispensary will offering big discounts to Arizona medical marijuana patients during the 3-day celebration.

Dispensary grand opening - azmarijuana

Ironwood Marijuana Ordinance Takes Effect in November

yourdailyglobe - The Ironwood City Commission on Monday approved the date for the marijuana establishments ordinance to take effect.

The commission 4-1 approved Nov. 10 as the date that applicants may file applications in a competitive licensure process for marijuana micro-businesses, retail, processors, various classes of growers, safety compliance facilities and secure transporters that operate within approved areas of the city. The action follows the commission's 3-2 approval of the ordinance to regulate adult-use marijuana establishments on Sept. 14.

Pair of Measures Would Legalize Marijuana in Montana

greatfallstribune - Marijuana is back on the ballot — the third time in the last five election cycles — but this year Montanans will decide for the first time whether to follow other states like Colorado and Washington in legalizing use for all adults. 

The issue comes in the form of complementary ballot initiatives I-190 and CI-118. I-190 creates the rules for a recreational marijuana system in Montana, including a 20% tax. It also allows each county the option to prohibit dispensaries in their county.

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