Cannabis Weddings: A Budding Trend For Brides And Grooms

Cannabis Weddings: A Budding Trend For Brides And Grooms

As cannabis becomes legal in more states, a new type of wedding is budding: Cannabis Weddings.
" A host of brands gathered to hold the 3rd Cannabis Wedding Expo in West Hollywood Sunday. "

It’s been a little over a year since cannabis legalization, but it’s hardly a weed free-for-all in the streets or at parties. The legalization of marijuana in many parts of the world including Canada and some states in the US gives many people the opportunity to incorporate the plant into many aspects of their lives.

As a matter of fact, many individuals include cannabis in celebrations of important days such as Christmas, birthdays and even the observation of the Lent Season.

As cannabis becomes legal in more states, a new type of wedding is budding: Cannabis Weddings.

Cannabis Is Now an Option for Weddings

Weddings are all about the details: Champagne, flowers, music, cannabis.
Yes, cannabis: Why not?

Now that marijuana is legal, a bud bar at your wedding or marijuana foliage in the bridal bouquet could be fresh.

Late this past fall, popular wedding venue the Berkeley Street Church hosted Canada’s first Cannabis Wedding Expo — an opportunity for weed-friendly wedding planners and ancillary business owners to showcase their wares to weed-loving future brides and grooms. 

Last October 27, 2019, the Toronto Cannabis Wedding Expo was held in the Berkeley Church event space, 315 Queen St. E. Through this, we had a chance to glimpse what a wedding of this kind will look like and find out more about pot-themed wedding ideas.

Here comes the bride, with a tint of green. A host of brands gathered to hold the 3rd Cannabis Wedding Expo in West Hollywood on Sunday, Jan. 19, 2020. (You can click this link to see the videos for West Hollywood Cannabis Wedding Expo:blob:

The unique expo was held at the Andaz Hotel and featured cannabis-inspired takes on traditional wedding items, including bouquet art installations with cannabis themes and designer wedding dresses.

Weddings Cannabis food
Food is key at any wedding,but will be even more appreciated at a weed wedding.

Cannabis-Themed Wedding- What to Expect

Ideas include hemp wedding dresses, marijuana floral arrangements,cannabis-friendly venues, and cannabis-infused buffets. From flowers to chocolate fountains infused with CBD to marijuana drinks perfect for a wedding toast.

But beyond a smoking area and party favors, it’s possible that the best way to accommodate cannabis consumers at a wedding is to think about a lot of the same things you should always consider anyway: delicious food and snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, beautiful things to look at, comfortable areas to take a load off, and good tunes.

But if there are a lot of cannabis consumers coming to the event, you may want to prepare yourself for a different vibe than your average booze-fuelled wedding.

Gift Bags Full of Cannabis Products

Weddings would never be complete without a basket of goodie bags to give away. With numerous CBD products on the market, it’s not at all difficult to streamline your gift items to the people who’ll be attending your ceremony and reception. From beauty items to CBD oil edibles, there are now tons of options you can choose from.

You can even customize giveaways depending on the personality and preferences of your recipient. Friends who are bookworms can receive cannabis-related books, while those who love music can get marijuana-inspired records. This way, you can make sure they know that their presence and support on your day is well-appreciated.

Cannabis-Themed Reception

Not everyone will be open to having marijuana in their respective venues. Although your state or region might uphold the legalization laws in place, not every venue will be as welcoming. Since regulations and restrictions on this plant are still being navigated, it might be best to choose a privately-owned venue. Better yet, get recommendations from your local dispensary. They might have partners who have contacts who can offer you a venue you might like.

With a cannabis-friendly venue, you can expect your reception site to decorated with cannabis-related décor. From earth-toned furnishings to ornamental plants to uphold the natural characteristic of marijuana, the reception will definitely be referring to the plant.

While weddings typically have an open bar until the wee hours of the morning, a cannabis-themed wedding entails having a full-blown budbar or a mini dispensary of sorts. Since these substances have intoxicating side effects, you may be asked to choose between serving alcohol and this plant.

Compared to alcohol, CBD products and cannabis-infused goodies may be seen as the better choice. Not only do these provide a laid-back and relaxing sensation, but these also provide a more communal experience that like-minded individuals can share with one another.

Before you set up your bar, it is important to keep in mind that THC and alcohol don’t mix well. Because of this, you might need to choose between marijuana or alcohol, or you can opt for a CBD reception complete with alcohol.

Cannabis at Wedding
Cannabis at Wedding

A Whole Lot of Fun

So, do you have any expectations for such a wedding? Are you trying to blend cannabis to plan your dream wedding?

Let’s say ‘I do’ to cannabis at the wedding. Provide guests with marijuana at weddings in a safe and gentle manner.

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