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Cannabis Tuesday News: Medical Marijuana Chocolates, Cookies and Gels Hit the Dispensary Shelves in Florida

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"Cannabis Tuesday News: Medical Marijuana Chocolates, Cookies and Gels Hit the Dispensary Shelves in Florida, etc."

UK Regulator Gives Green Light to Medical Cannabis Listings

irmagazine - The UK's financial regulator has said medical cannabis companies based in the UK will be cleared to list on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), although the situation is more complicated for overseas firms and suppliers of recreational cannabis remain banned. 

The UK-based medical cannabis companies can be admitted for trading as long as they have the appropriate government licenses. 

But companies operating overseas need to demonstrate that their operations would not fall foul of the UK’s Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (PoCA), which applies to activities in both the UK and other countries. 

Zimbabwe Announces Rules for Growing Cannabis toBoost Revenue

bnnbloomberg - Zimbabwe has announced the rules for growing cannabis, as the country seeks to boost foreign currency revenue and benefit from the rapidly growing industry.

Anxious Masuka, the agriculture minister, under regulations published in a government gazette said three types of permits can be issued for growers, researchers and industrial hemp merchants.

Growers are only allowed to cultivate, market and sell industrial hemp and researchers may cultivate for research purposes. A merchant can contract individual farmers, procure and process industrial hemp into a specified product.

Agri-Med Opens First Ottawa Co. Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

mibiz - Agri-Med LLC has added a third recreational cannabis dispensary to its West Michigan portfolio as its Exit 9 Provisionary in Crockery Township is now authorized for both medical and adult-use sales.

Exit 9 — named for its close proximity off of I-96 — is the first dispensary authorized for recreational sales in Ottawa County. Owner Greg Maki says being near the highway may be beneficial in drawing Grand Rapids customers, and may potentially take business away from Agri-Med’s Park Place Provisionary in Muskegon.

Cannabis-Infused Coffeehouse Opens Today in Houston

reformaustin - A new coffeehouse opens today in the Heights in Houston, and there is a little something extra in the coffee. 

At the much-anticipated Amsterdam Co. Coffeehouse+, you will find the typical menu of espressos and coffees, including a coveted Dutch coffee drink, teas, chai lattes and cold-pressed juices. You will also find CBD (cannabidiol) to add to your favorite beverage.  

There are also other CBD-infused products such as oils, balms, gummies and other edibles that can provide ease for chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia.

Houston Coffeehouse - reformaustin

Nebraska Activists Submit 15k Signatures to Establish 'Legal Marijuana Now' Party

ganjapreneur - Nebraska activists have turned in 15,000 signatures to establish the Legal Marijuana Now party in the state, four years after falling short due to a lack of valid signatures, the Lincoln Journal-Star reports. The campaign – led by Mark Elworth Jr. – needs 6,800 valid signatures to establish the party, which already has full ballot access in Minnesota and has been off and on the ballot in Iowa.

Medical Marijuana Chocolates, Cookies and Gels Hit the Dispensary Shelves in Florida

orlandosentinel - Nearly four years after Floridians voted to legalize medical marijuana, chocolates, cookies and gummy-like gels containing the drug are just becoming available at dispensariesin the state.

Trulieve is carrying chocolate bars and fudge brownies. Curaleaf is working to bring gel edibles to its Florida dispensaries in October, with possible flavors such as grapefruit or lime.

The offerings arrive after the state Department of Health released rules for edibles in late August.

Cheboygan City Council to Vote on Recreational Marijuana

upnorthlive - Recreational marijuana could be coming to the city of Cheboygan.

On Tuesday, Cheboygan City Council will vote on two ordinances that would allow for the licensing and zoning of recreational marijuana facilities.

Officials said these facilities must be 1,000 feet away from schools and 500 feet away from churches.

Cheboygan approved medical marijuana facilities earlier this year. Officials said companies that have already been approved for medical will get the first crack at also being approved for recreational.

Colorado-Based Hemp Organization Sues DEA

westword - A Colorado-based hemp trade organization is suing the Drug Enforcement Administration over a new laboratory-testing policy that members of the hemp industry fear could hurt future CBD production.

The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and RE Botanicals, a hemp-product manufacturer out of South Carolina, filed a lawsuit against the DEA in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on September 18, asking the court to review the DEA's interim final rule in response to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp at the federal level.

B.C. Unveils New Cannabis Sales Programs to Help Small, Indigenous Growers

stcatharinesstandard - The B.C. government says it will launch three cannabis programs over the next two years to help small and Indigenous growers compete with larger rivals.

A farm-gate program would allow growers to sell their products at stores located at their production sites. Another program would allow small cannabis producers, licensed by Health Canada, to deliver cannabis directly to authorized retailers.

The government did not say how it will define small producers, but says nurseries will be included in the policy. Both programs are expected to launch in 2022.

Utica Ballot Proposal Seeks to Put 3rd Marijuana Location in City

candgnews - Some residents and city leaders are concerned about the new ballot proposal on the Nov. 3 ballot that would allow a third marijuana facility to be built within feet of two marijuana locations that are already in the works in Utica.

If the ballot proposal is approved, the Marihuana Business Ordinance Amendment would revise the current Marihuana Business Ordinance to provide for two additional licenses to co-locate at one additional location.

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