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Cannabis Thursday News:French Government Urged to Speed up Medical Cannabis Trials

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"Cannabis Thursday News:French Government Urged to Speed up Medical Cannabis Trials; Cannabis Thursday News:French Government Urged to Speed up Medical Cannabis Trials, etc."

French Government Urged to Speed up Medical Cannabis Trials

deccanherald - French deputies on Wednesday urged President Emmanuel Macron's government to stop dragging its feet over testing cannabis for medical use, saying its tardiness compared to other European countries was "worrying".

Presenting its interim report on the controversial question of legalising the therapeutic use of cannabis, a parliamentary committee said France should consider state-controlled production of the plant, which is currently banned in France.

Aussie Cannabis Industry Set for Painful Shakeup – Report

stockhead - Australia's battered medical cannabis industry is set for even more pain as a looming price war will force some companies out of business, a new industry report predicts.

While the country's medical marijuana market is on pace to triple this year and expand further in 2021, that solid growth probably won’t be enough to sustain all the companies vying for a piece of the pie, according to the third-quarter report by North Sydney-based cannabis data supplier FreshLeaf Analytics.

Australia's legal cannabis industry could be burnt up in 2021 just like these bales of illegal marijuana were in Mexico.- Getty images

Millions of Dollars Worth of Cannabis to Flow through Guelph Legally

globalnews - Guelph is about to become the cannabis capital of Ontario.

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) is moving its only distribution centre to the Royal City in early October to supply hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cannabis throughout the province.

Potential Supreme Court Cannabis Case Gets Help from Advocacy Organizations

ganjapreneur - A cadre of cannabis advocacy and industry organizations have filed an amicus brief in the case challenging the constitutionality of cannabis prohibition, arguing that the federal government has allowed the nullification of cannabis laws by allowing medical and recreational use programs to exist.

Wisconsin University Offering State’s First Cannabis Certificate Program

ganjapreneur - The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Continuing Education Institute is offering the state's first cannabis industry certificate programs, including Business of Cannabis, Cannabis Law and Policy, and Cannabis Healthcare and Medicine.

The program – a partnership with cannabis education company Green Flower – is set to launch next month.

Cannabis - ganjapreneur

City Extends Deadline for Licensed Medical Cannabis Dispensaries to Get Established

lbbusinessjournal - The city manager's office this week announced that it will be extending the deadline for licensed cannabis dispensaries to obtain a business license by six months.

In September 2017, the City of Long Beach completed its lottery to issue 32 licenses for dispensaries to sell cannabis under the state's new law legalizing the sale of recreational cannabis, a process that gave priority to owners of existing medical dispensaries. 

Cannabis Shops to Pay City Less

cerescourier - A proliferation of cannabis dispensaries throughout Stanislaus County have cut into the market for Ceres dispensaries, prompting the city to change the fee structure contained in developer agreements that allow them to do business.

On Tuesday evening, Sept. 8 the Ceres Planning Commission gave its approval to proposed changes to the city's agreement that has allowed Pacafi Cooperative, Inc., to operate its Patient Care First dispensary at 1442 Angie Avenue in Ceres since December 2017. The council will consider the amendment at its meeting on Monday, Sept. 28.

Minnesota Medical Cannabis Manufacturer to Rebrand and Expand

kfgo - Minnesota Medical Solutions, one of two licensed medical cannabis companies in Minnesota, is rebranding its patient centers and has changed its name to Viro Health of Minnesota.

CEO and Founder Dr. Kyle Kingsley said the four existing locations, including the Moorhead location, are being rebranded and will now be known as "Green Goods" dispensaries.

Peninsula Wellness Opens New Holistic Health Campus, Cannabis Dispensary

wmdt - Peninsula Alternative Health, a medicinal cannabis dispensary, opened its Wellness Campus in Salisbury on Wednesday.

"For the longest time people just associated us with one thing and that’s weed and cannabis. We’ve done so much more than that and we’ve also realized that our patients needed so much more than that," says Anthony Darby, the CEO of Peninsula Wellness.

The new campus is located at 1003 Mount Hermon Road in Salisbury. 

Latest Medical Marijuana Setback Falls Squarely on Nebraska Lawmakers

journalstar - Nebraska finally seemed set to take the next step.

After years of legislative foot-dragging and stonewalling, a petition drive -- followed by validation from Secretary of State Bob Evnen -- finally put medical marijuana on the doorstep of the state's voting electorate.

Not so fast. In a 5-2 vote, the Nebraska Supreme Court reversed Evnen's opinion to at last bring the issues to the people in November.

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