Cannabis Morning Express: Thursday, 30th, July

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"Cannabis Morning Express: Thursday, 30th, July"
Pure Oasis, Boston's first recreational marijuana shop and the state's first black-owned one, opened in March, 2020. Steven Senne/Boston Globe

Cannabis SPAC Petra Acquisition files for a $125 million IPO

Petra Acquisition, a blank check company targeting a cannabis business, filed on Wednesday with the SEC to raise up to $125 million in an initial public offering.

Cannabis board conducts final review of proposed rules and regulations

The Cannabis Control Board on Thursday completed a final review of the 38-page proposed rules and regulations for the island’s legal recreational cannabis industry.

For example, the rules state manufacturers can make cannabis concentrates, but restricts the types of solvents that can be used in the manufacturing process.The rules also state that cannabis processing services must be on a cash-only basis, and the manufacturer must pay for the processing within 30 days of receiving the product, otherwise the government may seize and destroy the product. The rules and regulations also prohibit some types of food from being infused with cannabis.

Poll: 68% of New Jersey Voters Will Vote to Legalize Cannabis

A new poll has found 68 percent of New Jersey residents said they would vote in favor of the cannabis legalization ballot question in November, according to a survey commissioned by law firm Brach Eichler LLC and conducted by DKC Analytics. Twenty-six percent opposed the measure.

Australian researchers successfully kill cancer cells with high-CBD cannabis

According to a statement released by The University of Newcastle in Australia, researchers have conducted laboratory experiments showing that modified forms of medical cannabis can, in fact, kill cancerous cells. The potential is enormous, proving that cannabis could be a life-saving drug.

Texas to end retail outlet sales of legal smokable cannabis

Purchasing legal smokable cannabis from a specialty store in Texas ends on August 2. The smoking of legal cannabis in Texas may go on. But as of this Sunday, stores that sell hemp flowers can only sell consumable versions of the plant.  By state regulations, consuming does not include smoking. 

Joe Gaskins: State Still Keeping Minorities Out of the Medical Cannabis Business

On Thursday, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission’s Policy Committee will consider changing its regulations to allow a licensed cannabis cultivator to open a second cultivation facility — while minority-owned companies are left shut-out, as they have been for the last five years. This change must be rejected. It undermines the legislation, which allows a licensee to operate from one location and accommodates their move to another location.

FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Cannabis Clinical Research and Sends CBD Enforcement Discretion Guidance to OMB for Review

FDA took two important steps last week to clarify the regulatory landscape for cannabis products, including CBD products.  First, FDA issued a draft guidance on Quality Considerations for Clinical Research Involving Cannabis and Cannabis Derived Compounds.

Second, FDA sent to the Office of Management and Budget for review a proposal on how FDA intends to exercise enforcement discretion over CBD consumer products. 

Cannabis Advocates Wilfully Misleading Public On Medicinal Marijuana

The Say Nope To Dope campaign says that the supporters of cannabis legalisation are willfully misleading the public when they pretend to be concerned about patients and the use and availability of medicinal cannabis.We’re calling on the Yes campaign to drop the façade of their desire to help patients. Their focus is purely on the right of people to use drugs for recreational reasons.

House To Vote On Protecting All State Marijuana Programs From Federal Interference This Week

The House of Representatives is set to vote in the coming days on an amendment to protect all state, territory and tribal marijuana programs from Justice Department interference after a committee advanced the measure on Tuesday.This would build on an existing, more limited provision to shield only state medical cannabis laws from Justice Department intervention that has been enacted through appropriations legislation each year since 2014.

Planning commission approves marijuana draft ordinance

San Juan County is one step closer to amending marijuana production and processing ordinances. San Juan County Department of Community Development Planner Adam Zack presented the draft ordinance to the commission on July 17. The draft ordinance amends several existing county codes and adds new sections directly related to marijuana production and processing.

Kenton Brothers adapts security solutions to the Missouri cannabis market

Innovative systems integrator does its homework to stake a claim in a new cannabis security world. It’s also important to note that video surveillance goes beyond just real-time monitoring. Compliance standards dictate high-resolution, commercial-grade equipment.

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