Cannabis Monday News:Medical Cannabis Companies Cleared for London Stock Market

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"Cannabis Monday News:Medical Cannabis Companies Cleared for London Stock Market, etc."

Medical Cannabis Companies Cleared for London Stock Market

theguardian - Medicinal cannabis companies have been cleared by the UK’s financial regulator to float on the London Stock Exchange but firms that sell marijuana to recreational users will still be banned.

The Financial Conduct Authority said businesses that grow and sell recreational cannabis, even in countries such as Canada where it is legal, cannot list in London because of the Proceeds of Crime Act. Income from the sale of cannabis and cannabis oil outside the UK could constitute “criminal property” under the act, because it covers conduct abroad that would constitute a crime if it happened in the UK.

Cannabis Is An Issue Amoung Young Drivers

swiftcurrentonline - Recently CAA did a study that would show that half a million Canadians which is roughly 1/5 of 18-24-year-olds say they have driven high or with a high driver.

Christine Niemczyk, Director of Communications with CAA Saskatchewan details this latest trend.

"Young Canadians know that when they have been drinking alcohol best not to drive. They have made arrangements to get home safely but when it came time for cannabis edibles they admitted that they were driving high home or driving with someone else who had taken cannabis edibles."

Legalizing Cannabis in Vermont: Slow and Steady Process

loudcloudhealth - A bill that would decriminalize cannabis possession and automatically expunge past convictions passed the Vermont House of Representatives earlier this month.

Namely, the bill would decriminalize cannabis possession if the person in question had no more than two ounces of cannabis on them. Likewise, past convictions would get expunged for possessing the same amount. In addition, the bill will also go on to reduce some currently active cannabis penalties as well.

Thailand's Cannabis Revolution

aljazeera - For decades, Thailand was at the forefront of the war on drugs.

Known for flooding the world with drugs from the Golden Triangle, Thailand's laws became so tough, the country now tops the list in Asia for the rate of incarceration.

But recently, the military-led government shocked the world by announcing plans to legalise medical marijuana, or cannabis. Supporters promise a plant that could alleviate poverty and even cure cancer.

Thailand legalizes cannabis - aljazeera

Millions in Cannabis Tax Revenue Aid COVID-19 Relief

kion546 - For millions across the country who are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, job loss and food insecurity remains an issue. 

In response to the local need for resources, The Monterey County Board of Supervisors voted and set aside about $6.9 million dollars in cannabis tax dollars to help aid emergency response programs including education, homelessness and keeping the community fed during the pandemic. 

Virginia Decrim Makes Weed Fine Lowest in Nation

theleafonline - Gov. Ralph Northam (D) signed the decrim bill (SB 2HB 972) into law in May, making Virginia the 27th state to decriminalize simple possession.

The decriminalization law also creates a work group to study legalization in Virginia and make recommendations by November 30, 2020. Last week, the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus pledged to introduce legislation to legalize cannabis during a special session set for August, among other criminal justice and policing reforms. 

Cannabis Industry Reaches out to Communities of Color

theleafonline - It’s no secret that communities of color have been hardest hit by the Drug War in terms of blight, arrests and prosecutions. As a result, many feel that the legal cannabis industry has a duty to help create more opportunities for people of color and members of marginalized communities in cannabis and ancillary industries.

The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) has endorsed The Accountability List (TAL) by Cannaclusive, a leading advocacy and business consulting firm dedicated to improving minority representation in the cannabis industry and as consumers

Cannabis Dispensary Says 8 Month Lag in License Decision Cost It $1.2M

bizjournals - A cannabis dispensary is suing state regulators over frustrations that the state has not acted on its application for over eight months. 

In a complaint and preliminary injunction filed in Suffolk Superior Court on Sept. 14, Northeast Alternatives asked the court to compel the Cannabis Control Commission to act on its application for a cultivation facility in Lakeville, a location where it continues to pay $200,000 a month in rent, according to its complaint.

Reputation, Revenue at Stake as Brazil Weighs Legalization of Cannabis Cultivation

hempindustrydaily - Brazil has fast-tracked a draft law that would legalize the cultivation of medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp, and the stakes are high.

South America’s largest economy leads the world in several commodities markets, and some politicians say its farmers are keen to expand into hemp. Several other Latin American countries – Uruguay and Paraguay in particular – have scrambled ahead on cannabis legislation and exports, and hemp industry players feel Brazil risks losing market share if it doesn’t move forward with hemp cultivation and processing soon.

Brazil - Google

Hongkong's First Cannabis Cafe

newstracklive - In Hongkong, Cannabis may be illegal but a new cafe there is offering a range of food and drinks that contain parts of the cannabis plant without violating any local laws. The cafe, named as Found, is the city’s first such cafe to offer a range of coffees, biscuits, beer and fruit juices that contain cannabidiol, or CBD, a substance from the cannabis plant that is said to provide therapeutic effects without getting users intoxicated. Cannabis’s tetrahydrocannabinol compound, commonly known as THC is the psychoactive ingredient that gives users a high.

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