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Cannabis Monday News: More Children Getting Sick from THC-laced Edibles, Massachusetts Doctors Say

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"Cannabis Monday News: More Children Getting Sick from THC-laced Edibles, Massachusetts Doctors Say, etc."

More Children Getting Sick from THC-laced Edibles, Massachusetts Doctors Say

wcvb - A Massachusetts health care system reports that it is continuing to see a disturbing trend involving THC-laced edibles that are packaged to look like major-brand candies and snacks.

South Shore Health is reporting that its pediatric emergency department has seen an uptick in incidences involving children who have become ill after ingesting products such as candies, chocolates, sours and "gummies" that contain THC over the past few months.

According to South Shore Health, excessive doses of THC in older children who weigh more can cause a racing heart, a drop in blood pressure and a risk of seizures.

Wisconsin Co. Makes Maximum Penalty $1 for Cannabis Possession

nbc12 - The Rock County Board in Madison, Wisconsin, passed an ordinance change Thursday night to set the penalty for possessing 28 grams or less of cannabis to no more than a $1 fine.

While Rock Co. does not have the authority to legalize marijuana, Rock Co. Supervisor Jacob Taylor said they can minimize their participation in the enforcement of a law voters "so strongly oppose." The county also reduced the penalty for possession of cannabis paraphernalia for the same $1 fine.

The change will only affect enforcement from the Rock County Sheriff’s Office, but the penalty is unchanged for local police departments.

Draft Regulations For Delivery Cannabis Licenses Approved In Massachusetts

wbznewsradio - The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission on Thursday approved draft regulations that would create licenses for adult-use cannabis delivery companies in the Commonwealth.

According to the five-panel Commission, the draft regulations would establish two different marijuana delivery license types; Limited Delivery Licenses and Wholesale Delivery Licenses.

The CCC said companies with Limited Delivery Licenses would be allowed to pick up pre-ordered and pre-purchased adult-use cannabis products from licensed dispensaries, and deliver them to the consumer at their home.

The Wholesale Delivery License would allow the delivery company to purchase marijuana and marijuana products at wholesale from Massachusetts' cultivators, craft marijuana cooperatives, product manufacturers, and microbusinesses, and sell individual orders directly to consumers.

Draft Regulations For Delivery Cannabis Licenses Approved In Massachusetts - wbznewsradio

Illegal Cannabis Market Widespread, Active in Monterey County

ksbw - Since January of 2019, the Monterey County Sheriff's Office said their Marijuana Enforcement Team has removed 61,453 cannabis plants worth nearly $69 million in the legal market. They've also confiscated 7,641 pounds of processed cannabis during raids on illegal marijuana grows across the county. Detective Sergeant David Vargas who heads the task force said that amount is estimated to be just 10%-20% of the black market.

East Lansing's First Retail Cannabis Location Opens September 26

wlns - East Lansing's first retail cannabis location is opening Saturday, September 26.

The business, Pleasantrees Cannabis Company, sells cannabis products, including nine varieties of flower, five-pack pre-roll joints and live hash rosin.

Pleasantrees is Michigan's largest wholesaler of medical and recreational cannabis, according to Pleasantrees Cannabis Company.

New Jersey: Lawmakers Approve Telemedicine for Medical Cannabis Authorizations

norml - Members of the New Jersey state Assembly approved legislation to allow physicians to authorize the use of medical marijuana via telemedicine for those with qualifying conditions.

However, unless the patient is a child, developmentally disabled, terminally ill, receiving hospice care, or housebound, the patient must have had at least one previous in-person visit with the recommending physician.

The measure was approved by the Assembly with a 68 to 6 vote. The bill now heads back to the Senate for re-approval of the Assembly’s changes before going to the desk of Governor Phil Murphy.

IRS Greenlights Tax Loophole For Cannabis Businesses

benzinga - The IRS has updated its guidance for cannabis operators, a move some in the industry view as a rare helping hand from the tax agency.

The revised guidance, published Sept. 12, maintains that state-legal marijuana businesses do not qualify for most common business deductions and credits, per Internal Revenue Code Section 280E. But, the IRS now points out, those businesses can reduce gross receipts using an accounting method available under Section 471.

New FDA Guidance Will Make It Easier to Approve CBD-based Medicines

weedmaps - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is releasing new draft guidelines that are meant to streamline approvals for generic oral CBD medications.

In a notice published in the Federal Register on Wednesday, the agency said it is soliciting public feedback on its guidance to researchers who are interested in submitting abbreviated new drug applications (ANDAs) for CBD solutions. To expedite the approval process, FDA said applicants can request a waiver of an in vivo bioequivalence study if they meet certain requirements. 

Going forward, if a drug company wants to produce generic versions of that 100 mg/mL cannabidiol solution, they could follow specific rules to skip the in vivo bioequivalence study step if the draft guidance is finalized. The drug would have to be derived from Cannabis sativa L, contain no more than 0.1 percent THC and have "no inactive ingredient or other change in formulation from the [reference listed drug] that may significantly affect systemic availability."

New FDA guidance will make it easier to approve CBD-based medicines - weedmaps

DOH News Release: DOH Approves Additional Medical Cannabis Retail Locations

governor.hawaii - The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) has issued a formal notice to proceed to retail to Hawaiian Ethos LLC on the island of Hawaii and Manoa Botanicals LLC, dba Noa Botanicals on O‘ahu, after both passed their final onsite inspections for their third retail facilities. Hawaiian Ethos' new retail location in Hilo at 578 Kanoelehua Ave. expects to begin sales on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020. Noa Botanicals’ new retail location in Aiea at 98-302 Kamehameha Highway expects to open today.

California Grant Program Uses Marijuana Tax revenue to Help People Harmed by War on Drugs

weedmaps - California announced this week that grant applications are now available to promote public health and economic justice for communities disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs. And those grants are being funded by legal marijuana tax revenue.

The Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development said the California Community Reinvestment Grants (CalCRG) program is meant to give eligible health departments and community-based nonprofit organizations resources to support "job placement, mental health treatment, substance use disorder treatment, system navigation services, legal services to address barriers to reentry, and linkages to medical care for communities disproportionately affected by past federal and state drug policies, also known as the War on Drugs (WoD)."

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