Cannabis Monday News: Illinois Keeps Record-Breaking Weed Sales Streak Going

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"Cannabis Monday News: Illinois Keeps Record-Breaking Weed Sales Streak Going, etc."

Illinois Keeps Record-Breaking Weed Sales Streak Going

loudcloudhealth - The state of Illinois has been reporting record-breaking cannabis sales for five consecutive months now, September data show.

The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation announced on Monday that weed sales in the state had been steadily increasing each month in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic (or maybe because of it).

In September alone, cannabis consumers bought over 1.4 million weed products worth almost $67 million. Moreover, $49 million of those sales came from state residents. The remaining $18 million was generated by out-of-state visitors — boosting both weed sales and tourism revenue.

Spain Becomes Cannabis Hub as Criminals Fill Tourism Void

theguardian - With the collapse of tourism, the cannabis business is one of very few thriving in Catalonia, but beyond the low lights and chilled vibe of the associations, darker forces are in play. An internal report by the Mossos d’Esquadra, the Catalan police, claims “Catalonia is the epicentre of Europe’s illegal marijuana market” and has become a net exporter of cannabis to other European countries.

With high profits and low risk – jail sentences rarely exceed two years – gangs from Europe are fighting one another to control the market, says the report. Over the past year police have broken up 34 criminal organisations connected to cannabis and destroyed 319 plantations.

Maine Joins Massachusetts, Opening Doors to Recreational Pot Sales

bostonherald - Mainers got their first opportunity to legally buy marijuana for recreational use, but a supply shortage was a potential buzzkill.

Retailers blame the pandemic and a limited number of licensed manufacturers for reducing the variety of products available. Licenses were issued only a month ago, causing retailers to scramble to stock their shelves.

Customers make purchases at Theory Wellness on the first day of recreational marijuana sales in Maine on Friday, Oct. 9, 2020 in South Portland, Maine. - bostonherald

Irish Medicinal Cannabis Firm Wins German Backing

irishtimes - The German cannabis company Synbiotic has bought a 25 per cent stake in Irish medicinal cannabis research business Greenlight Medicines for an undisclosed sum.

Greenlight was founded in 2014 and develops plant-based medicines with the aim of ultimately bringing treatments to the market for conditions such as multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, arthritis, epilepsy and various cancers. Synbiotic has an option to increase its stake in the business in the future, the newspaper reports.

New Zealand Craft Soda Wins Award for Cannabis-inspired Terpene Innovation

foodprocessing - New Zealand-based craft soda manufacturer Good Herb Soda has won the NZ Inspire+ Artisan Awards in the Craft Beverage category after its flavour-infused terpene innovation.

Terpenes — the organic, aromatic compounds that give botanicals their unique scent and flavour — are used in the beverage creation process.

The company’s cannabis-inspired True Terpenes blends, used in its UnWind and InZone drinks, promote energy, focus or relaxation, depending on the terpene used.

Canadian Experts Push for Cultivation of Non-intoxicating Cannabis in Nigeria

guardian - Experts from Canada have started pushing for the cultivation and development of non-intoxicating Cannabis, Cannaidiol (CBD oil) and industrial hemp markets in the country. 

According to the group, Grow CANN Africa, Nigeria is well positioned to tap into the increasing global demand for Cannabis, CBD oil and industrial hemp markets poised to hit $10billion in 2020.

Creso Pharma Has now Taken $630,000 in Orders from South Africa for Cannabis Lozenges

stockhead - Creso Pharma (ASX:CPH) has received a CHF194,300 ($A295,000) purchase order from Pharma Dynamics South Africa, its second purchase order from the group.

The order is for Creso Pharma’s cannaQIX lozenges, which are being sold under the “Cannamics” brand in the country.

“Securing this latest purchase order with Pharma Dynamics is a significant development and highlights the multiple opportunities we are witnessing in the region,” Creso non-executive chairman Adam Blumenthal said.

“Creso is beginning to see a trend in repeat orders from its clients globally which reinforces Creso’s high quality product.”

Kiwi Company Develops Country's First Edible CBD and Manuka Honey Blend

nzdoctor - In a first for the country, a Kiwi company has developed a manuka honey and CBD blended nutraceutical to target the billion-dollar export market for Cannabidiol (CBD) edibles.

Cannabidiol is a substance found in cannabis that has potential therapeutic value and little-to-no psychoactive properties. In New Zealand, CBD products are prescription-only medicines.

Proponents of CBD edibles say they can assist with alleviating a wide range of conditions including anxiety, pain, insomnia and inflammation.

US Election Will Decide Host of Referendum Issues From Taxes to Marijuana

voanews - When Americans go to the polls November 3, they will not just be making a choice for a president and lawmakers but will also decide on ballot initiatives on a range of issues from tax policies to marijuana laws.

Such initiatives, also called referendums, are on the ballots in 32 states, and they give voters a choice on measures that often directly affect their lives, including rent control laws, income tax rates and the minimum wage.

Nationwide, 120 measures are on statewide ballots this fall, according to the election website, with the most popular issues being election policies, taxes and the legalization of marijuana.

Nuclear Plants, Cannabis Seen Spurring South African Revival - A draft plan aimed at reviving the South African economy in the wake of the coronavirus provides the first hints of how programs ranging from infrastructure investment to improving public transport will be funded.

The government began drafting the plan in conjunction with business and labor groups several months ago in a bargaining forum known as the National Economic Development and Labour Council.

New suggestions include establishing a cannabis industry and building new nuclear plants. The draft envisions R23 billion being allocated to galvanize private investment in infrastructure and R4.5 billion being spent on public transport over the next 12 months, but provides scant detail on where the money will come from.

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