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Cannabis Monday News: Denied Marijuana Dispensary Applicants to Get Second Chance

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"Cannabis Monday News: Denied Marijuana Dispensary Applicants to Get Second Chance; The Cannabis Jobs Market Is Booming,etc."

Utah Patients Win Big Change to Cannabis Rules, Drop lawsuit

theleafonline - Medical marijuana patients have dropped a lawsuit against the State of Utah after announcing that the State has agreed with its primary goal of preventing the state and local governments from monopolizing the distribution of medical cannabis.

Thai Cannabis Company Says Projected Economic Benefits Won't Materialise

rnz.co.nz - A Thailand cannabis company believed its low-priced imports may eventually undercut New Zealand's cannabis market, and investors were not being properly warned.

But New Zealand's current draft laws proposed a ban on imported cannabis. The potential retail value of New Zealand's medical cannabis was estimated to be worth $360 million a year and taxes at $490 million.

Alberta Legal Cannabis Sales to Exceed Half Billion Dollars This Year

calgaryherald - Sales of legal cannabis in Alberta should climb to $540 million this year on monthly revenues that have more than doubled since 2019, says an industry analyst.

But with Alberta reaching a retail saturation point with nearly half the pot stores in the country, those numbers aren’t expected to increase much more in the foreseeable future, said Het Shah, Calgary-based managing director of Cannabis Benchmarks.

The Cannabis Jobs Market Is Booming

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic having ravaged much of the broader U.S. job market – or, perhaps, because of it – the cannabis jobs market is booming. This year it has seen rises in both total positions and salaries, according to a new report.

CannabizTeam, which provides consulting and staffing services, released a third-quarter update this month to its 2020 Cannabis Industry Staffing Guide, which was released in January. The new report shows across-the-board growth within the industry, a trend it attributes to increasing competitive demand and a rise in multi-state operators seeking top talent.

Fresh Push to Decriminalise Cannabis in New South Wales 

dailymail - Calls for cannabis to be decriminalised are growing with one MP saying the drug is no more addictive than booze or tobacco. 

New South Wales Labor MP Rose Jackson told parliament on September 23 legalising the drug would be 'economically sensible'.

She argued that the state should follow in the steps of Joe Biden in the US, contradicting Opposition Leader Jodi McKay. 

Harris, Mason draw Stark Contrasts on Marijuana Legalization

heraldmailmedia - U.S. Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md.-1st, continues to brandish his reputation as a leading opponent of marijuana legislation.

Meanwhile, Mia Mason, a Democrat challenging Harris for his Eastern Shore congressional seat, backs legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

Mason supports a federal bill to legalize pot nationally while Harris recently hailed the measure stalling on Capitol Hill. The issue offers voters a stark contrast in the November congressional race.

Harris applauded a delay in a potential U.S. House of Representatives vote on a bill to legalize marijuana for recreational use and to remove it from the federal list of 'controlled substances'. Marijuana is still illegal under federal law and is classified as a Schedule 1 banned substance along with heroin, ecstasy, LSD and other drugs.

Democrat Mia Mason is challenging incumbent Republican Congressman Andy Harris in Maryland's 1st District race. - heraldmailmedia

Western Wildfire Effects Threaten 'Croptober' Marijuana Harvest

detroitnews - October usually heralds the harvest of outdoor cannabis plants, affectionately known as "Croptober." But this fall, something more serious is in the air: smoke from the wildfires that are ravaging California and Oregon.

Fires are clustered in Northern California's "Emerald Triangle" and a pair of Oregon counties, areas that are among the nation’s most important for cannabis production. Even if crops aren't destroyed in the more than 5 million acres of wildfires, massive amounts of smoke and ash will take a toll. Darkened skies can stunt the plants' growth, said Jill Ellsworth, chief executive officer of Denver-based Willow Industries, which cleans marijuana flower for mold in California and other states.

Colorado Department of Revenue Releases Average Market Rates for Retail Marijuana

northfortynews - The Colorado Department of Revenue released the Average Market Rates for retail Marijuana on Monday, September 21 which are effective on Thursday, October 1 through Thursday, December 31.

Three of the seven categories within the Average Market Rates (AMR) increased this quarter, being bud at $1,316, trim at $350, and seed at $8. Three of the seven AMR categories decreased this quarter also, being bud allocated for extraction at $502, trim allocated for extraction at $175 and wet whole plant at $175 with immature plant rate staying the same at $9.

Mexican Cabinet Member Accepts Gifted Marijuana Plant as Lawmakers Prepare Legalization Vote

weedmaps - Marijuana is becoming something of a staple in the Mexican Congress, and not just when it comes to reform bills being considered. Actual cannabis products are regularly being exchanged, displayed and planted in and around legislative chambers as lawmakers work to legalize the plant.

Interior Ministry Secretary Olga Sánchez Cordero said that by the time she plants the cannabis gift from Sen. Emilio Álvarez Icaza, she'll be "fervently hoping that the law [to legalize cannabis] is already passed," referring to reform legislation that the legislature has been working on the past couple years.

Denied Marijuana Dispensary Applicants to Get Second Chance

herald-review - Failed applicants for a marijuana dispensary license will have an opportunity to amend their applications and receive more information as to why they were denied points in the scoring process.

In a news release Monday, Sept. 21, Gov. JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation said they came to the decision after a "careful examination" based on "feedback from community leaders and stakeholders."

The change allows denied applicants to resubmit their applications or have them rescored after receiving a "supplemental deficiency notice" that tells them which specific portions of their application lost points and prevented them from reaching the 252-point perfect score needed to enter the lottery to distribute licenses.

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