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Restorative CBD Oil Mask

Do you know Viya,the name of the most famous Chinese KOL, who created broadcasting kingdom?The best selling volume is nearly $747 million, Taobao broadcast is a Live for selling,founded by Jack Ma. Taobao Live, Kuai Shou Live, and Douyin(TikTok) are the three hottest Lives in China. With her incredible talent in introducing and selling products, she became the hottest host of Live since 2016. The best selling volume is nearly $747 million.

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Once, she even sold “the rocket” in her Taobao broadcasting room April first, 2020, Which haunted Baidu’s list of the top trending searches at least five days. The rocket launching service was over $5.9 million, sold out immediately.

Viya has won the best broadcasting sales in three consecutive years. The following is the data shown on Baidu Baike

The first Taobao broadcast ceremony

  • 2017-03-30 the first annual most popular anchorwoman (award)
  • 2017-03-30 the first Taobao live ceremony for gold coin hunting popular anchor(award)
  • 2017-03-30 most influential anchor of the first Taobao live show (award)
  • 2017-03-30 first annual popular anchor (award)
  • 2017-03-30 the first annual most popular anchor by fans (award)
  • 2017-03-30 the first annual most valuable business anchor (award)

The second Taobao broadcast ceremony

  • 2018-03-30 the second annual TOP anchor (award)
  • The 2018-03-30TOP anchor of the second annual TOP list of the le living day (award)
  • The 2018-03-30TOP anchor of the second beauty day (prize)
  • The 2018-03-30TOP anchor of the second mother-baby day summit list (award)
  • 2018-03-30 the second annual food day TOP anchor (award winner)
  • 2018-03-30 TOP anchor of the second fashion day TOP list (award)

The third Taobao broadcast ceremony

  • 2019-03-30 third annual TOP anchor (award)
  • 2019-03-30 third live yearly broadcast excellence award (winner)

Broadcasting sale has become the newest and most promising economy in China. Troika Brauer, a network economist at the free university of Germany, said, “China is the engine of the global broadcasting economy and the number one broadcasting economy in the world.”

With the combination of broadcasting sale and industrial hemp cosmetics’ hit, Viya sold the CBD masks in her broadcasting. With the fluent introduction of the mask containing hemp oil, consumers are eager to buy.

  • Due to China’s ban on cannabis products,Chinese Food and Drug Administration forbids “CBD,” showing on cannabis products’ instruction. The CBD product’s instruction can only show such as hemp oil, hemp extraction, and so on. These are to replace “CBD.” 

Let us see something about the mask brands sold by Viya, Yi yezi (one leaf), founded in 2014, a brand of KANS. Consumers showed their enthusiasm to buy the products. Thus, the total volume is over 20,000 deals in just one month.

The followings are the comments on Taobao.

  • I used three or four times. I have not seen the effect, haha. I bought them from Viya’s broadcasting room, discounted price, RMB99, 15 slices.
  • It can improve the acne condition.
  • It is green. It was my first time to buy it.
  • The moisturizing function is proper. And it can remove acne.

Why did People choose them? For the cheap price?Due to the acne treatment?Or, they want to follow broadcaster to buy something. We do not know, and time will tell us the truth.

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