Cannabis Legalization Is the Key to Economic Recovery

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Cannabis Legalization Marijuana Moment

The USA is in the center of the greatest mire in economic recovery, with the Covid-19 pandemic impacting Americans’ physical and emotional condition, which leads to drop the nation's economy into the worst economy in the Americans’ lifetime who are in their 30s. The weary economy from the beginning of the 21st century led to the government' s low tax revenue. Thus, even the United States federal government shutdown of 2018–2019. Patches of workers of the U.S. government had to wait in line for the food aid. It isn't very respectful.

The governments must be looking for new sources of revenue to replenish fiscal difficulties and decrease the unemployment rate. The situation can be changed if industrial hemp comes to legalization.

Cannabis ban is similar to alcohol prohibition; in the beginning, alcohol prohibition is to reduce the social problems made by drunken and the breaking of religious precepts.

However, It causes the moonshine to prevail in the prohibition; smuggling becomes so prevalent that the British get involved in the liquor smuggling. it should not not surprised that the ban was repealed at the deepest depths of the Great depression. The cannabis prohibition is the same, lack of regulation, the inferior cannabis products just like the rotgut made by the smugglers, which will destroy the physical the emotional condition of the American. For the old saying(cliche) made by Fred, from 100 years ago, the original desire is a river once blocked will produce a psychopathic mood. Thus, let the initial desire go off under the proper regulation.

We do not need to put so many words on the harsh employment. Let pay our attention to how many jobs made by the cannabis industry. "The cannabis industry in the U.S. employed nearly 250,000 people last year, "according to Leafly, the biggest cannabis website in the U.S., "a 15 percent jump over 2018." Green Leaf Medical said it planned to hire about 300 workers for its cultivation and retail chains in Virginia and Maryland, double its workforce. Trulieve has added 250 retail workers in Florida. Cannabis finds its high light amid coronavirus outbreak. Cannabis companies' hiring plans were already set before the public health center. The large amount of jobs added to the job market, people get paid for their labor, they have money to consuming. In verse, more job opportunities created.

In conclusion, legalize cannabis right now.

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