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Cannabis Friday News: French Pilot Project May Cast New Light on Access to Medical Cannabis

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"Cannabis Friday News: French Pilot Project May Cast New Light on Access to Medical Cannabis, etc."

French Pilot Project May Cast New Light on Access to Medical Cannabis

euractiv - Last month, the French government signed a decree that will kick off a two-year medical cannabis pilot project which will target 3,000 patients suffering from serious conditions, such as chronic pain and epilepsy.

Although originally scheduled in 2020, the launch of the programme has been postponed until early 2021 due to delays caused by the handling by the French health ministry of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mexican Senate Approves Cannabis Legalization Bill, Ending Monthslong Delay

mjbizdaily - The Mexican Senate on Thursday approved a comprehensive adult-use marijuana legalization bill, but the pending law still faces some hurdles before doors are fully open to business opportunities in Latin America’s second-largest consumer market.

The bill was brought to a vote on the Senate floor, where it was debated and approved in general terms with 82 votes in favor, seven abstentions and 18 against.

Cannabis Firm With Toledo Connection Growing like a Weed

toledoblade - An Illinois company that opened the Toledo area’s first medical cannabis dispensary and owns a cannabis production plant in North Toledo is expanding its local operations to include a marijuana growing facility to augment its Ohio supply chain.

RI Lawmakers Weigh Potential Model for Legal Cannabis

wpri - In their first action on the issue since the chamber’s leaders signaled support for legalizing recreational marijuana, Rhode Island senators on Wednesday night began considering a proposal to set up a system for legalized cannabis in Rhode Island. The proposal is to keep recreational cannabis under complete state control.

Judge Nixes Lawsuit Challenging California Home Pot Delivery

startribune - In what could be a temporary victory for California's legal cannabis industry, a judge has dismissed a lawsuit that sought to overturn a state rule allowing home deliveries statewide, even into communities that banned commercial marijuana sales.

A group of local governments behind the court challenge argued that the state was usurping their authority to regulate marijuana sales within their borders.

Gordon-Booth Touts Program to Help Expunge Cannabis Convictions

peoriapublicradio - Illinois residents with marijuana convictions have a new starting point toward getting their records wiped clean, and State Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth is helping make sure downstate residents are aware of the opportunity.

Gordon-Booth, D-Peoria, participated in Thursday’s launch announcement for New Leaf Illinois, an alliance providing free legal services to assist people in expunging or sealing cannabis convictions. She said including the program as part of the state’s cannabis legalization law was imperative.

State Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth - peoriapublicradio

Attorney General of North Carolina Calls for Decriminalizing Cannabis

hightimes - North Carolina’s attorney general says it is time for his state to do what is right and decriminalize marijuana.

Josh Stein said Wednesday that the North Carolina Task Force for Racial Equity in Criminal Justice has offered up a host of reforms that include decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana possession—a recommendation that Stein heartily endorsed.

Medical Marijuana Brings Funding to Madison Heights Community Projects

theoaklandpress - Early this week a new mural was dedicated at Rosie’s Park in Madison Heights with funding from Holistic Industries, a medical marijuana business building a new $20 million facility on Stephenson Highway.

Holistic funded the $5,500 cost of installing the colorful mural -- called “Nature’s Repose” by Madison Heights artist Jennifer Ramirez -- on the concession stand at the park.

The mural is part of a move by the Madison Heights Arts Board to bring more art to public green space in the city. Earlier, the Arts Board did fundraising for a mural at Civic Center Park.

Cascade County Commissioners Address Rules for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

krtv - Cascade County Commissioners on Wednesday passed several motions regarding medical marijuana dispensaries.

They voted to decrease the distance between a medical marijuana dispensary and a school or place of worship from 1,000 feet to 500 feet. This change falls in line with state regulations. Commissioner Jim Larson opted to keep the distance at 1,000 feet, while commissioners Jane Weber and Joe Briggs voted for the reduction after discussion.

Marana Council Passes Emergency Resolution on Recreational Marijuana

tucsonlocalmedia - The Marana Town Council approved an emergency resolution to update the town’s code regulations on Tuesday, Nov. 17, after Arizona voters approved Proposition 207 legalizing medical marijuana during the 2020 election.

Marana’s emergency resolution bans single-use marijuana establishments, marijuana sales on town property, use of the drug in public places and open spaces (such as town parks), facilities that test the potency or contamination and door-to-door sales.

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